You are invited to join us for the opening reception of Mapping Inuvik, artwork by Marie-Hélène Comeau. The reception is from 5-7 in the lobby of the Yukon Arts Centre.

Mapping Inuvik is an art project that was started at the Great Northern Art Festival in Inuvik, NWT in the summer of 2011. While participating as an artist at the festival, I had the opportunity to incorporate an artistic project for people to share their stories regarding the North, specifically around the surrounding Mackenzie River region.

A quantity of satellite pictures of the area taken from Google Earth were used as the project’s starting point. These colourful images from the Internet offered unique views from the sky and provided evoking visual cues for the stories from the participants’ experiences via their connections to the various areas on the pictures. The satellite images acted as launching tools for the participants to be able to travel back in their own histories as they recount migratory routes, rituals and family life some time ago.

Using people’s stories and satellite images, this series of drawings and paintings create additional dimensions to the human history of the North and the inseparable links to the land.

Mapping Inuvik will be at the gallery until July 30.