Mixed media installation
4:53 minute video loop

Douglas Drake

An installation depicting a trashed meeting room. Tables and
chairs overturned, with papers scattered in disarray. The site is
paused in time, it's unknown participants having departed, only
the consequences of conflict remain.

This fictional room is a symbol for the persistence of conflict in
human activities and histories. Is conflict an inevitable human
condition? Social, personal, political, and physical conflicts
constantly defining and redefining humanity and ourselves.
Does it ever really end, is change even possible without the
existence of conflict?

The text on the projection reads: “Nobody in the world seems to
get along anymore, or maybe we never ready did.” Vases and
flowers are placed in a circle among the chaotic meeting room,
the only objects in the site that rest undisturbed. Are they a
symbol of hope and peaceful resolution, or simply a memorial
until the next conflict arises?

November 6 - 28, 2015

Exhibition hours:
Monday to Friday 10 - 5
Saturday 12 - 5
Sunday: Closed