Love the comic aestetic, and passionate about creating your own? Not sure where to begin? Not even sure where your ideas may lead to? 
Join us for a Collaborative Comic Jam, where together we'll create a comic book, panel-by-panel. With all participants contributing one panel at a time, only you can decide where the story will lead!

This is a great event for all ages. For those who are interested in comic arts, and looking to learn more about what goes into creating the comic books you love. 

This event is run in partnership with the Yukon's Comic Culture Society, and the Jam is lead by Yukon's own comic creator, Jessica Prentice.

All materials will be provided, so all you have to do is bring your ideas!


Ready Player Two is on display in the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery until May 25.

Brendan Tang and Sonny Assu explore comic culture aestetic, and racial diversity in this pop culture infused show.