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Sat. September 16, at 1:00pm and 3:00pm, at the Yukon Arts Centre

$20 for each film, $35 for a two-film pass

Past screenings of Cinema Kabuki in the major Canadian cities, including at TIFF, have been received enthusiastically by the audiences and the critics alike. Experience the full glory of the traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre right in Whitehorse!

Light refreshment will be served in the lobby at 2:25pm.

At 1:00pm
Lion Dance Kagamijishi (a dance performance)
Premiered in 1893, Recorded live at Kabuki-za Theatre, Tokyo, 2009
70 min. (Introduction 10 min. + dance 60 min. ) Subtitled in English

A single dancer conjures up a stunning contrast of two images: A young maiden and the spirit of the majestic Shishi, a mythical animal. The healthy, sophisticated eroticism of a young woman is conveyed by the dancer in the first part. She is noble, sensitive, yet coquettish at times. But, when the spirit of the ferocious Shishi takes over her body, the animal stamps the earth, and swings his mane in the air, celebrating the prosperity and glory of life.

At 3:00pm
Kagotsurube, The Haunted Sword Kagotsurube Sato no Eizame (a story of the pleasure quarter)
Premiered in 1888 Recorded live at Kabuki-za Theatre, Tokyo, 2010, 113 minutes, Subtitled in English
A love triangle forces a courtesan to reject her best customer in the middle of a banquet — the most dishonourable humiliation of all. Infuriated, Jirozaemon seizes the haunted sword Kagotsurube, which inevitably invites bloodshed once it is drawn.

シネマ歌舞伎 ホワイトホース2017
2017年9月16日 ホワイトホース初お目見え、ハイ・デフィニションの大画面で観る歌舞伎
午後 1:00  『春興鏡獅子 しゅんきょう ががみじし 』 

午後 3:00  『籠釣瓶花街酔醒 かごつるべ さと の えいざめ 』