Taking inspiration from commedia dell’arte, Characters on a Wall is a visual exhibit not short on personality and expression. As a professional maker for Counternotes Theatre Group in Ottawa, ON, Wellman brings some of the highlights of her work to the Yukon Arts Centre’s Community Gallery.
With a mix between masks that have been used in productions, and masks created specifically for expression, Characters on a Wall is a show that explores the beauty in the visual elements of performance, and in expression itself.

Characters on a Wall is on display in the Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery, Opening Night is June 7, 5:30-7:30, alongside the Public Gallery.

About the Artist:
Suki Wellman began making and performing masks in 1996. With a background in visual arts and theatre, she was the primary maskmaker for Counternotes Theatre Group, a physical theatre company based in clown, commedia dell’arte and absurdism. Her masks have been used in performance in Ontario and Quebec, and her work exhibited in Canada and Japan.