A reception event to present the grand unified vision of Calm Rivers - who creates high detail drawings inspired by the Victorian-Era and the Tlingit Coast - created for Whitehorse's Metropolitan Area in 2025.

The design is based upon the findings of research about Whitehorse from Bob Smart's Dream in 1905, The Squatters of Whitehorse Map drawn up in 1964, to Catharine Deer's Map of Whitehorse published in 1989.

A Grand Unified Vision also takes after the General Development Plan of 1970 and the Offical Community Plan of 2010, listening to the voices of people through time - today - towards tomorrow's digital frontier.

The reception welcomes the first fifty people to a glass of champagne in traditional holiday spirit,
this is a free event for the citizens of Whitehorse who are of legal drinking age. Capacity is 100 people.