Fran Hurcomb, Goulet Boys, 1985 Gary & Brianne Bremner, This is How i Really Feel, 2016 Derek Coté, Legends Are Made Here (Still), 2016

This summer at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery features three photo-based exhibitions exploring the North including circumpolar video installations, striking portraiture discussing mental health in our community and a retrospective of a Northwest Territories photographer.

Fran Hurcomb
What I Saw

From time spent on the land and the water to captivating portraits of the characters she’s encountered, this exhibit is a panorama of Yellowknife-based photographer Fran Hurcomb’s forty years in the North.


Derek Coté
Legends Are Made Here

Arising from Derek Coté’s multi-year artist residency with the Anchorage Museum, Legends Are Made Here investigates remote locations throughout Alaska and the circumpolar north capturing sound and images in collaboration with the New York composer Paul Haas.


Brianne and Gary Bremner
This Is How I Really Feel

Through a series of interviews with members of our community, Whitehorse-based Gary and Brianne Bremner have created a photographic portrait series that explores the Mental Health issues that we live with every day and seeks to break down the walls we’ve built up around ourselves.