The Northwestel Art Lover’s Series presents MT Space's Body 13

Co-presented with Gwaandak Theatre

Warm up at the beach with “Body 13”, an expertly choreographed and beautifully performed, accompanied by a live Middle Eastern Band. It’s as multi-sensual as it is multicultural. It’s funny, it’s sad, and it’s erotic as heck. You will never think about hockey in the same way!

Some of the most innovative theatrical work in Canada is emerging, not from major centres like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, but from much more unlikely-seeming places, like Kitchener, Ontario, home to MT Space Theatre. Helmed by Lebanese-born director Majdi Bou-Matar, this company has developed a signature style over the past eight years, which is visually captivating and physically engaging. Body 13, their latest work, offers a widely diverse group of characters spending a day at the beach, from funeral to wedding, as a metaphor for life in Canada. 

*This performance contains nudity and mature content.

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