The Yukon Arts Centre wanted you to know what to expect regarding Blue Monday, the Nov 26 sale of tickets for BLUE RODEO’s two shows in Whitehorse, Jan 3, ---in regards to both in-person sales and our options for the Communities.

On Monday, doors will open here at 9:00am, though the tickets go on sale at 4:00pm.  We don’t want you to have to stay out in the cold.  We have provided a warm place, our lobby, and chairs in a line that stretches to Pluto.  This is for your convenience should you be here with us for a while.  We will conduct regular business during the day, selling other shows’ tickets, but the chairs, and coffee service (by donation), and some Blue Rodeo music will hopefully keep you happy for the time you are with us.  We’ll come and chat with you.  Bring a book if you plan to stay for awhile.

Tickets go on sale in our lobby at 4pm sharp.  Doors will be closed at 6pm and whoever is still inside will be sold tickets if tickets are still available.

Some things to note, to make your YAC lobby experience optimum:

  •     You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets per person, in person.
  •     To make the line go quickly at 4pm, we prefer credit cards.  We have a debit machine shared between our two terminals, but credit card goes faster. We can take cash.
  •      Erin Corbett will be in the lobby to update your personal information on Ticket Manager if you haven’t bought a ticket from us in awhile.
  •     You are allowed to leave your seat for a short 10 min break or go to visit our Gallery, but we aren’t allowing saved seats, or trips back to work with your coat standing in.
  •     We will lock the doors at 6pm as stated above.  There are a limited number of seats for two shows.
  •     We will be tweeting updates and putting them on Facebook if you want to monitor things there.
  •     We will reserve some tickets for the Communities (see below).

We are looking forward to having you with us for the day and want to make it a great experience.

If you live in the Communities—we have heard your concerns about access being limited to Whitehorse. There will be a number of seats set aside for those living 70km or more from Whitehorse.  These are not for those in the line-up.  To access these seats from the Communities, email starting at 4pm on Monday, Nov 26, the same time we sell the other tickets.  We will only sell tickets this way to those we can verify are from a community.

  •      You are allowed a maximum 4 tickets per person purchasing.
  •     Tickets will be on sale from 4-6pm or until those tickets set aside for communities are gone.
  •     We will ONLY ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS, Mastercard and Visa ONLY—and the card must match an address in the Communities; you must be living in a Yukon Community and Atlin, BC as described below
  •     You need to send us an email starting at 4pm (NOTHING earlier, as these will be timestamped on our computer) to the following address: (this email address will only be useable until 6pm on Monday, Nov 26, 2012)
  •     In that email, you should have your name and a Community phone number where you will be reachable till 7pm that night, Nov 26th as we will call you to take your payment.
  •     We will respond to your emails in sequence and will send an automated message when we know tickets are sold out.

If you do not get a ticket in the COMMUNITIES or Whitehorse BLUE MONDAY Pre-sale, the remaining  tickets  (if there are any) go on sale online and by phone the next morning at 10am, so you can buy a ticket at Arts Underground, in person, online at or by calling (867) 667-8574.  Any calls will be returned in sequence.

Thank you for participating in our BLUE MONDAY, our Blue Rodeo Presale event.  See you in the lobby, or if you are in the Communities, online.  Tuesday morning there will be an event page here for Blue Rodeo.