Kid-friendly (10+) but with mature themes and violence throughout – much like Anderson’s other animated film, Fantastic Mr. Fox.

“For all the visual innovation and apocalyptic futurism in Isle of Dogs, Anderson’s recurring nostalgia for the comforts of old movies is never far away. Of course, that retro style – and his off-kilter humour – are what make his eccentric films so pleasurable…” Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail

Preceded by an NFB animated short!
The Fox and the Chickadee
This charming stop-motion animated fable tells the story of a starving fox, who stumbles upon a lone chickadee caught in a farmer’s trap. Despite his hapless predicament, the chickadee turns the tables by proposing a plan that would provide the fox with food for the whole winter, rather than just a snack. Dir. Evan DeRushie, 2012, CANADA, 7 minutes