The 2018 Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency welcomes three unique artists to the trail. Over the course of two weeks, each of these artists will hike the 53km / 33mi historic trail, and create work influenced by the culture, history, and the diverse ecology of the Chilkoot Trail.

Join us, to see and learn more about their work, hear stories from their hike, and how our cherished trail has impacted them.

The Artists

Josh Winkler | July 13 | Arts Underground

Winkler is currently the Assistant Professor of Printmaking at Minnestoa State University. He works primarily with traditional and contemporary print media. Winkler's work may be familiar to Whitehorse, as he exhibited in the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery in March 2016 with "Climb, Cut, Conquer: American Landscape Narratives".


Kristen Link | July 23 | Old Fire Hall

Kristin Link has been working as an artist in Alaska since she received a graduate certificate in Science Illustration from California State University Monterey Bay in 2010. Her ambition is to create images that explain and inspire people about their natural surroundings. Her work may be found on interpretive signs, in books about national parks, and in museums.


Hilary Lorenz | August 8 | Arts Underground

Hilary Lorenz is a New York-based artist. Her work focuses on visually translating the visceral experience of urban and rural landscapes into linoleum block prints, drawings, and room- size installations. She is an NEA and Fulbright Fellow. Lorenz received an MFA from the University of Iowa.


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All images are used with permission of the respective artist. Header image: Jessica Auer & Andreas Rutkauskas.