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Resolute Bay: The Daytime Journey in the Night by Louis Couturier and Jacky Georges Lafargue

Curated by Picardy Museum (France), Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art

Resolute Bay is a series of multimedia installations created in collaboration with residents of the second northernmost community in Nunavut. Facilitated by the artistic duo of Montreal-based Jacky Georges Lafargue and Paris-based Louis Couturier, the show investigates the psychic effects of physical displacement and emphasizes the creative potential
of community groups living in isolated and sometimes harsh physical environments.

An Ephemeral Light by Don Weir

Curated by Mary Bradshaw

A solo exhibition of paintings by Atlin-based artist Don Weir. The minimalist canvasses in this exhibition
are an exploration of the emotional experience that light evokes in the human spirit in its purest form. Weir’s journey as an artist has been exploring and distilling the aesthetics of the visual experience down to its most basic form. Here he attempts to understand how beauty and the intensity of the visual experience give depth and meaning to our lives.