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52 x 2 Postcards: an exhibition by Joyce Majiski and Zea Morvitz

Artists Statement
The 52 x 2 Postcard Project: Starting Jan 1, 2011, Joyce Majiski and Zea Morvitz agreed to send each other an original, handmade postcard every week for an entire year. The cards are 5” x 7” in format but some of the cards have become sculptural, other contain small book works, embellishments and encompass a wide variety of media and styles. Working with the limited size, combined with the nostalgia for hand delivered mail with stamps, the postcards have become an interesting look at the lives, influences, thoughts and travels of the two artists during the year 2011.

Background History
In 2005 Gallery Route One (GRO), a nonprofit art organization in Point Reyes Station, California invited more than 50 environmentally-aware artists to participate in a multi-venue exhibit called "California Current." Through a roundabout connection between artists and friends, Joyce Majiski, a Canadian artist living in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, was one of those invited. Zea Morvitz, an artist member and administrator at Gallery Route One, was one of the projects' organizers. This is how Joyce and Zea met for the first time.
After the California Current exhibit, Joyce was invited to exhibit at GRO in an environmentally themed two person show with California artist Diana Marto. The exhibition, held in 2007, was titled "As Above, So Below." After the reception Zea and her partner, Tim Graveson, also an artist, hosted a dinner party, where Joyce talked about her life in the Yukon and showed images of a rafting trip on the Upper Alsek River. Zea and Tim were hooked and one year later went to the Yukon to join Joyce and rafting partner Jill Pangman on a rafting trip on the Alsek River. After the trip, Zea and Tim hung out at Joyce’s place, staying in her studio and it was at this point that the three artists realized they would be good friends despite the physical distance between them.
In November of 2010, Joyce drove down from the Yukon and stayed with Zea and Tim. Amid much hilarity, walks on the beach and up through the local Bishop Pines, Joyce and Zea decided to embark on a yearlong postcard exchange. Each Friday, for an entire year, they will send each other a handmade postcard. And each week eagerly await the arrival of others’ card. The two artists set up a visual blog at http://52x2postcards.tumblr.com/ to record the exchange.
Postcards from the first three months of the exchange were exhibited at GRO in April/May, 2011, and by the half-way point the two artists were already talking about future collaborations.