The Yukon Arts Centre and Arts Underground have partnered to create a Resource Library for members of the public to come and explore. The library contains hundreds of books ranging from artist retrospectives and exhibition guides to reference books and art almanacs.  Most of the collection focuses on contemporary work from local, national and international artists, although there are a variety of sources available that cover more than just the last fifty years in art.  Both artists and art lovers will be able to find something they like!

Although at present this is a non-lending library (we’re working on it!), you're welcome to come down to Arts Underground at 305 Main Street during their regular business hours to browse through the collection in person. To make things easier to browse, we've divided up the sections into "Individual Artist", "Group Catalogue", and "Reference". You can check what’s available at the library before heading down by accessing the online database here. For further instructions on how to use this database, please see below. 

We ask that you don't remove the books from the library and that you kindly replace them back on the shelves alphabetically within their subject category and letter.

Happy Browsing!



Resource Library: Online Database


How to use the database?

Once you access the online database here , a default page will display all the record listings for the entire YAC collection. The style of these listings can be changed by clicking on options found in the toolbar [A, B, C, D, E], and sorted according to preference by using the “↓↑” button. Entries can also be sorted by clicking on column titles: clicking once will sort A-Z, whilst clicking a second time will sort Z-A.


How to browse the database?

• Basic Search
Use the ‘Search this library’ search box to search for keywords or phrases.

• Search by Tag
Records are tagged with subject category, author(s), artist(s), medium(s), style(s), art historical category, exhibition venue(s) and other keywords. By clicking on ‘Tags’ in the toolbar, you can browse all such tags. To locate a specific tag within this master list, press Ctrl+f (PC) or Cmd+f (Mac) to open a search box in your browser. Type in the keyword or name and any matches will be highlighted.  Scroll through multiple matches using the ‘Previous/Next’ or arrows, depending on your browser. Click on any individual tag to then bring up all listings with that tag.

• Search by Author
Use the ‘Authors’ button in the toolbar to browse all authors. For easier browsing, you can sort the names using options provided in the toolbar. Click on the desired name to bring all books by that author. To search for a specific author, press Ctrl+f (PC) or Cmd+f (Mac) to open a search box in your browser. Type in the name and any matches will be highlighted. Again, scroll through multiple matches using the ‘Previous/Next’ or arrows, depending on your browser


How to start a new search?

To return to the default catalogue, click on ‘Your Library’ in the ‘Collections’ field.


How to find information about the book you’re interested in?

Once you have found the right record listing, click on it. This will bring up the complete catalogue record, which provides basic information including a cover image (if available), title, author(s), publication info, and tags. To access any additional information on the listing, click on ‘Book details’ in the left hand menu. Here you can find more detailed information such as ISBN, number of pages, language(s), comments, and a book summary. Not all fields are available for each book.


How to use this information to find a specific book in the library?

Each record in our online catalogue is tagged with its subject category (individual artist, group catalogue or reference) so you know where to look for it in the Resource Room. Books can be identified by the lettered coloured stickers on their spine:
• Individual Artist: yellow sticker, alphabetical by artist’s last name
• Group Catalogue: red sticker, alphabetical by title (disregarding articles a/an/the, and numbers)
• Reference: blue sticker, alphabetical by title (disregarding articles a/an/the, and numbers)