The Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Society is hosting a fundraiser at the MacBride Museum on May 29th at 6:30pm until 9:30pm in support of the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat at Crag Lake.

The Yukon’s great white north was the main point of inspiration for Ted Harrison’s unique painting style. During his time in the Yukon, Harrison spent a great deal of time in a small single room cabin off the shore of Crag Lake where he could paint, fish, and become immersed in the endless beauty of Yukon’s landscape.

Wanting to share the experience that the Yukon had provided him, Harrison donated his lakeshore land towards the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Society (THARS). In 2003 the first artist took advantage of the fresh air and the retreat continued annually until 2010. Unfortunately since 2010, there has been pretty quiet for the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Society. On Friday May 29th at 6:30 until 9:30 at the MacBride Museum there will be a fundraiser to get the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat at Crag Lake up and running, to allow Harrison’s dream of sharing his land to fellow artists to become a reality once again.

The Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Society provided national and international artists quality time with nature in a two story log cabin with a living space and studio. Crag Lake is a little over an hour drive away from Whitehorse. Ted Harrison’s original quaint cabin still stands along the shore of the lake. The goal of the retreat is to provide both the artists and the community with a unique opportunity to share, learn, and create.  Artists are provided with an exclusive and inspirational setting to work in relative solitude. Artists are also reminded to keep a look out for the inevitable wildlife they might stumble across like deer, moose, rabbits, eagles, black bears, grizzly bears, sheep and wolves, oh my. The retreat also presented workshops, open studio visits, lectures, and exhibitions to promote idea exchanges between artists and citizens of different culture and artistic lineages. Besides being a beautiful place to create magic, the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat also increased economic development with both artist and the cultural industry of Yukon, by allowing investment in the development of the arts. The retreat provided an excellent relationship between artists and the community by sharing thoughts, experiences, and techniques.

Let’s make Ted Harrison’s legacy last forever. Come out to the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat fundraiser which will be held at the MacBride Museum of Yukon History. The fundraiser will be nothing short of fun with live music, silent and live auctions, light appetizers, and a cash bar.
We are happy to announce that our Ted Harrison Push Pin Reproduction will be available for auction at the Ted Harrison Artist Retreat fundraiser. The Push Pin Reproduction of Lone Woman with Ravens (our first ever gallery art donation!) was created with the help of the community during Culture Days 2014, which required a total of thirty thousand push pins. Find the push pin reproduction, along with other Yukon art at the fundraiser’s actions.

Ted Harrison Push Pin Reproduction leaving the Yukon Arts Centre lobby for the Ted Harrision Artist Retreat Fundraiser. Image: Katie Newman

“During my career as a teacher, author and artist, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting students from different parts of the world. Through the years they have influenced my simple artistic style and helped bring my stories and paintings to life. If I have inspired them to find their way as artists, I am truly grateful.
I urge you to keep on reading, writing and painting. Develop your own style and keep it honest and true to who you are. Find inspiration in the world around you, and you will make the world a happier and more creative place.”
                                   -Ted Harrison, a Brush Full of Colour: the World of Ted Harrison, 2014

If you are unable to attend the fundraiser and would like to show your support, click here to make a contribution.

Enjoy your time while supporting an amazing opportunity for artists and the community alike, at the MacBride Museum on Friday May 29th, 6:30 until 9:30.