Erin Corbett (far right) in the YAC Lobby, post-show.

The YAA Awards have officially landed! Celebrating awesomeness in local arts and culture, the YAA Awards is a community-generated online poll where anyone can nominate and vote for their favourite arts events and festivals in each community through the Yukon.

Yukon artists, presenters, venues, volunteers and art lovers are all encouraged to submit  their events. Nominate something you made, or something you love! Nominations will be  accepted from Monday April 28th to Sunday, May 11th, after which a compiled poll will be  sent out for public voting!  For more information about the YAA Awards and the nomination  or voting process, please visit this page.

The Yukon Arts Audience Awards is the AWESOME brainchild of Yukon Arts Centre’s very own Erin Corbett.  A keen supporter of the arts in every format, Erin is constantly searching for new ways of engaging and enlivening YAC audiences and the community at large. Her dedication to an endless number of initiatives are matched only by her joy and enthusiasm in making meaningful and memorable experiences for the public and her peers. As Programming Associate at YAC for the past three years, Erin helps organize the performing arts season in the theatre. Last season alone, this included "Spin", Martha Wainwright, "Danse Lhasa Danse", Hawksley Workman's "The God That Comes", "Body 13", TJ Dawe’s "Medicine" and "Terminus", among others - oh and she was also a co-producer of the Pivot Festival and organizer of the Skeleton Parade.  Assured in her tireless AWESOMENESS, we thought we’d let the public in on all she does, and chatted with Erin about her interests and inspirations:

What is the most exciting/favourite thing about your job?

I love working with different artists from all over Canada, and abroad, and being exposed to some of the coolest touring performances. Before I started working at YAC, I only went to dance and music shows and now I’m hooked on live theatre as well. Working at YAC has made an immense impact on how I watch shows. Working in performing arts has been perfect because it satisfies my artistic appetite, and gets me out doing all kinds of things every day.

How did you get into this career?

I studied fine arts and have always been into organizing events. Whether it was extravagant parties, a youth conference or a music festival – I have a love for people and bringing them together to enjoy shows, especially challenging ones.

What are some interesting past jobs that you’ve held?

I used to teach video art to youth, worked as a bike mechanic, painted houses and was the Assistant Producer of Frostbite Music Festival in 2011.

What led you to the Yukon?

I had an absolutely wonderful and supportive Art Teacher at my BC high school. At the time I wanted to be a high school teacher, and she told me that it would be next to impossible to get a job in BC. She told me to check out the Yukon to get some work experience first. While my dream job changed, I followed her guidance to the Yukon and now consider it home.

Most memorable show/event/experience you’ve worked on?

Wow. It’s hard to name just one. Ride the Cyclone was one of the most memorable because it showed me that Musicals are AMAZING – and the cast/crew were a wild and inspiring bunch. Impromptu Splendor with Colin Mochrie was special because we I loved watching how they worked not only the crowd, but also performed with 10 local improv actors. In a similar situation we had 80+ volunteers for You Should Have Stayed Home: A G20 Romp and there were so many passionate conversations inspired by the show. One night I found myself babysitting some very intelligent kids so that their parents could perform in the play. Then there was this year’s Nakai Theatre’s Pivot Festival Presented with the Yukon Arts Centre which had awesome artists, but was also an awesome team to work with.

What are you passionate about?

Other than making shows happen I’m still super passionate about making things – be it weaving a basket, building a skeleton puppet, drawing posters and many other things – I just can’t stop making things.

Remeber to nominate/vote for your favouirte Yukon art event to win a YAA Award! For more information, click here.