The Yukon Arts Centre is proud to present Sleep of Reason in our public gallery. Derived from the title of a piece from Fancisco Goya's Los Caprichos, the gallery looks to address the concept of 'the artist as a dreamer' and the weight behind it. Showcased in a number of different medias, the artists let us in to their 'lucid dimension' of which they rely for their creativity and their means to illustrate it.
At first glance, it is hard not to notice the large spiral staircase winding in it's own glory at the far corner of the room but this piece is far from the most interesting in the gallery.

Joseph Tisiga's works - some of my favorites - are in the first room on the right. In the gallery he presents a series of watercolor and an oil painting on canvas. His use of color is very dirty and rusty - heavy with red and browns, capturing a sort of grunge look despite his clean lines. My favorites of his collection are one of his larger pieces titled Preparation for Utopia and the work that is featured as the poster for the gallery.

Rosemary Scanlon also submitted 2 series' of watercolor mixed media paintings - the titles of which being Shadow People of the Alaska Highway and Animal Icons. Animal Icons is a collection of animal portraits whose haunting stares hold your gaze as your pass by. Shadow People on the other hand deals with landscape views of near real places with a spiritual undertone. I personally get caught off guard as I see the vastness of trees and mountains.