Ken Burke, is a local senior resident who took up painting after his retirement  in 1998.   His first piece of drawn work  was of a chair, completed in a class with Pat Ellis several years ago (Nov. 2005).  Ken is as a self taught artist, and  has gone on to  painting with oil paints after trying watercolours and acrylics.  Ken paints mainly landscapes of the Yukon and some other parts of Canada as well as creating his own landscapes.    

Ken  was encouraged by his wife and family to take up a  hobby to fill in his leisure time after  his retirement.  His  theory was to always believe  in yourself, that you can do anything you set your mind to.   So he made up his mind to try painting.  In 2012 he sent  a number of  paintings  out to his daughter in Calgary who arranged to have them sold in Edmonton.

Ken has been very active in volunteering with the senior organizations over the past ten years.   Who would believe that he  is having his first  "gallery showing" at the Community Art Gallery at the Yukon Art Centre  on February  5th.  The Opening Reception is on Friday February 7 from 4-6pm, light refreshments will be served.   Everyone is welcome to attend or view the gallery at your leisure during the month of February.     He paints under the pseudonym of  Mr. B .

Ken and Dorothy Burke