Mannequin hands, Berlin, Germany
Permanent Collection of The Museum of Broken Relationships


The Museum of Broken Relationships, coming to the Yukon Arts Centre March 5, 2015, is now actively collecting anonymous stories and objects from Yukoner’s broken love stories.

Donations of objects of affection will form a part of the much-anticipated Yukon exhibition. Your ordinary objects will be viewed by hundreds of visitors to the Yukon Arts Centre, an opportunity for anything from exhibitionism to release of pent up emotion, revenge for a past break-up or a fresh start.

Winner of the 2011 Kenneth Hudson Award for ‘Most Innovative Museum in Europe’, the Museum of Broken Relationships manifesto states that donors have "a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation, by contributing to the museum's collection".

This international touring exhibition, originating in Croatia and with a history of over 32 exhibits in cities as diverse as Brussels, Mumbai, Tokyo, Houston, Cape Town, Belgrade, Singapore, and most recently San Francisco, is making Whitehorse its first date with Canada. Ever.

The Yukon Arts Centre has planned an exciting series of live theatre performances and programming with themes tying to the Museum of Broken Relationships exhibition.  You’ll love the full schedule we have planned.

The creative idea of displaying crowd-sourced objects of affection with heavy emotional resonance was hooked up by two Zagreb artists, filmmaker Olinka Vistica and designer and artist Drazen Grubisic, after their own relationship ended back in 2003. Years later, the artists collected objects left over from the relationship and got a few from friends too. The first exhibition was held in a container in Zagreb, Croatia.

Are you having trouble ‘moving on’ from a painful break-up? Vistica found that exhibiting personal objects can have a therapeutic effect. She spoke for BBC News, saying "The normal impulse is to destroy the mementos of a relationship in order to recover, but we thought of using creativity to overcome the pain of the experience and also remember the joy those objects once held for us.”

A can of love incense, 1994, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Permanent Collection of The Museum of Broken Relationships

The collection captures all shades of emotion and many personalities. Some donations, like a pair of suspenders with the reflection "I never put them on. The relationship might have lasted longer if I had." are humorous.  A tin of love incense with the comment “doesn’t work” is slightly bitter. A blinking dog tag, consistent like a heartbeat, from a woman who committed suicide soon after giving it to her former partner, is devastatingly sad and profound.

The installation has a permanent home in Zagreb, Croatia and the collection has amassed over 1 400 objects thus far. The museum will be collecting donated objects from the Yukon, which will be displayed as a series in the upcoming March exhibition at the Yukon Arts Centre.

By donating your personal object, the Museum of Broken Relationships promises that your submission will be exhibited anonymously, with an accompanying summary, length and content decided by you. The museum accepts all kinds of donations, as diverse as they may be; think things like garden gnomes to mopeds to kinky handcuffs.  The more creative the better!

This exhibition of donated objects, including a collection of Yukon pieces will be on display at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery from March 5 until May 16 2015. Click this link to access the online donation form.

To learn more about the Museum of Broken Relationships, visit their website here.

To view the exhibition details, including the concurrent showing of Sonja Ahler’s War in Peace, click here.

To donate an object to the Museum of Broken Relationships, please fill in the donation form here.