Seems every day we hear something startling about "our" way of life and "our" north.  We've all heard the one about a tourist asking, "When do you turn on the Northern Lights?"  Dogmushing to work, living in igloos, ---eek--the myths about the north still abound.  For me, it's the "Polar Bears living with Penguins" myth of the north that just makes me wanna scream.  (If polar bears and penguins lived together, penguins would be gobbled up in an afternoon). 

To celebrate the new gallery showing, "Untrue North," we'd love to collect some of these Untrue ideas of the north. 

Give us your comment below:  share with us the Untrue things YOU'VE heard about the North.  We'll collect 'em!  Keep coming back to see what other people have said--cause I can tell you now---this is gonna get weird and funny. 

And if you're up here at YAC's Art Gallery between Jan 12 and March 10 come see this great collection of art, curated by Earl Miller, that challenges what is True and Untrue about the North. 


(image presented above is NOT IN the showing--just an example of the kind of question we're asking)