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YAC Artistic Director Eric Epstein Nominated for Presenter of the Year Award!

YAC Artistic Director Eric Epstein Nominated for Presenter of the Year Award!

Andrew Connors, Katherine McCallum, Eric Epstein and David Skelton in an arts presenter’s panel discussion for an Art Talk in September 2013

Eric Epstein, Artistic Director of the Yukon Arts Centre has been nominated for Presenter of the Year 2013-2014 Award by the Canadian Arts Presenting Association (CAPACOA). Award winners will be selected this weekend at the CAPACOA conference happening in Halifax, Nova Scotia from January 21 to 24, 2015.


Other nominees include Brian McCurdy (The Burlington Performing Arts Centre), Shahin Sahadi (Prismatic Festival and Onelight Theatre), Tina Rasmussen (Harbourfront Centre) and Lindy Sisson (The ACT Maple Ridge Arts Centre and Theatre).


Epstein has over 40 years of experience working in the theatre world, and many years of experience in Whitehorse, working as Artistic Director of the Guild Hall for 9 years. He studied theatre in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia and started the Vancouver Shakespeare Festival there in 1984.


In 2013-2014, Eric brought many cutting-edge productions from across Canada to the Yukon Arts Centre, including ‘You Should have Stayed Home: A G20 Romp’, ‘The God that Comes’, ‘Danse Lhasa Danse’ and ‘Terminus’.


Currently, Eric is engaged with co-curating and presenting the Pivot Theatre Festival in Whitehorse with Nakai Theatre’s Artistic Director David Skelton. Listen to their talk with Dave White on CBC Radio here:


Congratulations Eric, you’re fabulous!!

Risky Business: Inside Look at how Performing Arts directors choose what you see

Risky Business: Inside Look at how Performing Arts directors choose what you see

If you've ever wanted to know the kind of vision that goes into developing a festival or a performing arts season--now is the time for you to find out?  How DO these few people decide WHICH shows will sell in the Yukon?  What helps make their decisions?  Do they hand out surveys asking YOU questions?  Or do they have an insight to Whitehorse patrons that we don't know?  Is it a Crystal Ball?  Or is it a lot of planning and  designing that goes into making these decisions?

When putting together a major festival like Frostbite, or ALFF, or Pivot---is it just a combination of artist availability and price? 

How would you decide which music acts might be popular in the Yukon? 

Is Taste shared?

Can one person KNOW what YOU might like? 

Well, someone has to make those choices in organizations.  You have to have someone(s) in every performing arts organization that makes the kind of fortune-telling guesses that create a successful season.  How do they do it?  What are they thinking about when they decide?  Are they trying to mold your preferences, or are they molded BY your preferences? 

Get inside the minds of four Artistic Directors from Nakai, Yukon Arts Centre, Frostbite, Yukon Film Society and Gwaandak Theatre (yes, four people, five organizations).  Find out how they make choices. Remember, all five are non-profit organizations that exist on grants as well as on ticket sales, aiming to please granting agencies, boards as well as patrons. 

Maybe you'd like to be an Artistic Director someday.  Maybe you just want to know who's to credit for bringing in a show you LOVED (or why they brought one you HATED).  Maybe you just want to know WHAT THEY'RE THINKING.

The Mind of the Artistic Director.  It is a fascinating place.  Starring Eric Epstein, David Skelton, Patti Flather and Andy Connors--moderated by Miche Genest.

For this panel discussion, the Artistic Directors may reveal their tips, their tricks, their thoughts, their fears, their best and worst moments, and how complicated it all is choosing what comes to the Yukon.

Come join us!  Bring questions!  Find out HOW IT ALL WORKS (or doesn't).... WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 5:30pm, OLD FIRE HALL.