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3rd Annual Yukon Arts Audience Awards - Winners Announced!

3rd Annual Yukon Arts Audience Awards - Winners Announced!

After over a month of receiveng nominations and voting (with a very successful Magnetic North Festival smack dab in the middle of it all) we are very pleased to announce the winners of this years YAA Awards!

Thanks to everyone for their nominations, voting, and feedback. We look forward to doing it all again next year! In the meantime, there are a ton of incredible events happening throughout the rest of the summer. Get out there, enjoy that midnight sun, and explore all that our amazing territory has to offer!

Once again, congratulations to all the nominees and winners. We want to acknowledge everyone that contributes to making the Yukon a fun and vibrant place to work, play, and live!

Without further ado... 

WHITEHORSE Favourite Music Performance

1. Lemon Bucket Orkestra: Return of Spring, April 2016 at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
2. TIE!

Whitehorse Community Choir: The Last Horizon, May 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre
Ryan McNally: Stepping Down South CD release, April 2016 at the Old Fire Hall
Michael Feuerstack, Devon Sproule, and Old Cabin, July 2015 at Splintered Craft

3. TIE!

Fawn Fritzen: Pairings CD release, April 2016 at the Old Fire Hall
Jazz Yukon: James Danderfer Trio, November 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre

DAWSON CITY Favourite Music Performance

1. Dawson City Music Festival, July 2015

WHITEHORSE Favourite Theatre Production

1. L’Immediat: Yukon Arts Centre and Nakai Theatre (Pivot Festival), January 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre
2. Tomboy Survival Guide: Ivan Coyote and the Yukon Arts Centre, September 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre
3. TIE!

The Improv Project: The Guild, March 2016 at the Guild
Often I Find that I Am Naked: Larrikin Entertainment, January - February 2016 at the Courts
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead: The Guild, September - October 2015 at the Guild

WHITEHORSE Favourite Dance Production

1. CypherFest: Leaping Feats, August 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre
2. Eunoia: Fujiwara Dance Inventions and the Yukon Arts Centre, October 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre
3. TIE!

March Break Extravaganza, Leaping Feats, March 2016 at Leaping Feats
How the Grinch Stole Winter: MAD (Music, Art, and Drama), December 2015 at Wood Street  School

TESLIN Favourite Dance Production

1. Dakhka Kwaan Dancers, Teslin Cultural Centre, July 2015

WHITEHORSE Favourite Solo Visual Arts Exhibition

1. Shaping Haidi Gwaii: Neil Graham, September - November 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre Main Gallery
2. TIE!

Veiled Hoods and Stains: Cal Lane, December 2015 - February 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre Main Gallery
Les Oiseaux de Nuit: Virginie Hamel, January 2016 at Focus Gallery (Arts Underground)

3. First Hole IBC: Death Prophecy Denied: Joseph Tisiga, March - May 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre Main Gallery

DAWSON CITY Favourite Solo Visual Arts Exhibition

1. Ommatidia Muralis: Andrew John Milne & Chantal Dupas, March 2016 at The Odd Gallery

WHITEHORSE Favourite Group Visual Arts Exhibition

1. Rock Paper Scissors: Southern Lake Artist Collective, September 2015 at the Focus and Edge Galleries (Arts Underground)
2. Arctic Adaptations - Nunavut at 15: Canada’s Entry into the 2014 Venice Bienelle in Architecture, June - August 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre Main Gallery
3. New Acquisitions 2015: Friends of the Yukon Permanent Art Collection, various dates, various locations

WHITEHORSE Favourite Film Presentation

1. Room: Available Light Film Festival, February 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre
2. Brooklyn: Available Light Film Festival, February 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre
3. KONELINE (our land beautiful): Available Light Film Festival, February 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre

DAWSON CITY Favourite Film Presentation

1. International Short Film Festival, KIAC, Oddfellows Hall, April 2016

ATLIN Favourite Film Presentation

1. A Band Called Death, Atlin Arts and Music Festival, July 2015 at the Globe Theatre

WHITEHORSE Favourite Art Happening

1. Bruce’s Big Bash: Bruce Bergman and Friends, May 2015 at Robert Service Campground
2. Mural: Splintered Craft, April 2016 at the Jamieson’s Building
3. TIE!

Battle of the Books: Terry Fallis, Northern Lights Writer’s Conference and Yukon Literacy  Coalition, January 2016 at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
Cluster Resonance: Jordy Walker, Whitehorse Nuit Blanche, June 2015 at the Roundhouse

DAWSON CITY Favourite Art Happening

1. Dawson City International Short Film Festival, April 2016 at KIAC
2. Doily Webs: Nicole Bauberger and Jessica Vellenga, Tombstone Arts Residency, August 2015 in Tombstone Territorial Park

WHITEHORSE Favourite Art for Social Change

1. Walking With Our Sisters: various artists, April 2015 at KDCC and YAC
2. TIE!

Ukjese van Kampen Photography: April 2016 at YAC Community Gallery
Our Global Village: Selkirk Elementary School Wide Art Project, March 2016 at ATCO Electric  Youth Gallery (YAC)

WHITEHORSE Favourite Family Event

1. Winterval
2. Kids Kreate


1. Available Light Film Festival
2. Northern Lights Writers Conference
3. Banff Mountain Film Festival

ATLIN Best Fest

1. Atlin Arts and Music Festival

DAWSON Best Fest

1. TIE!
Dawson City Music Festival
Dawson City International Short Film Festival

Lifetime Achievement Award:

1. Bruce Bergman
2. TIE! Jim Robb / Andrea McColeman / Gary Bailie
3. John Steins

Volunteer of the Year

1. Donald Watt
2. Kim Winnicky
3. Duncan Sinclair

Emerging Artist of the Year

1. Calla Paleczny (Calla Kinglit)
2. Soda Pony
3. Genevieve Doyon

Arts Administrator of the Year

1. Laurel Parry
2. Duncan Sinclair
3. TIE! Michele Emslie / Kim Winnicky

Local Celebrity

1. Ivan Coyote
2. Nicole Edwards
3. Ryan McNally

Honourable Mentions

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival was a late nomination for Best Fest.

Whitehorse Community Choir's Sounds of Africa, the Guild's Cannibal the Musical, Gwaandak Theatre's Paradise, the Yukon Arts Centre's presentation of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Moulin Rouge, and Dan Bushnell's late-night art installation at Midnight Sun Coffee Roaster all received nominations in various categories. These events all occured outside the date range for this year's awards, but they definitely deserve a shout out anyway!

The Adaka Festival was nominated but did not make it on to the voting page due to human error; we regret this mistake and want to give a shout out anyway to the amazing Adaka festival!

Last but not least (this isn't an honourable mention but) we apologize for any spelling errors that occured on the voting page; we corrected all misspellings that were brought to our attention immidiately!

Voter and Nominator Comments

“Thanks for all the wonderful things that make our community full of cultural events. We are rich, and consequently our children become rich with opportunity to explore, perform, and step up.”

“So much superb talent and so many wonderful volunteers!”

“Looking forward to more arts presentations in Carcross so will have more nominations in future years”

“Anything Ivan Coyote does is gold.”

“Brooklyn – fabulous film! Bravo to the Arts Centre / Film Festival for bringing this to Whitehorse.”

“Helen O’Connor never fails to inspire everyone and delivers arts activities that all ages enjoy.”

“Kim Winnicky is pretty impressive...”

“[Favourite volunteer is] any of the front of house managers!”

“Gary Johnson of the Dakha Kwaan dancers [is] a wonderful ambassador for the Yukon.”

“Love the arts and culture in this town.”

Artwork Wednesday: Vancouver Theatre with Al.

Artwork Wednesday: Vancouver Theatre with Al.

Our CEO Al Cushing was recently in Vancouver and here is his report back.

We joined our Theatre consultant friend, Rob Hamilton, for  “Rite” presented by Ballet BC.

The signature piece, “Rite” which filled the first half of the evening was black on white, It was brilliantly choreographed by the Ballet BC artistic director Emily Molnar on a stunning textured off white set by Omer Arbel.  Usually an all white set is a recipe for a visual disaster, creating horrible challenges for the lighting designer.  However, here, the LD, James Proudfoot was able to overcome the challenges primarily because Kate Burrow’s costumes were in shades and textures of black. I found the work visually stimulating and emotionally engaging. I had two concerns; the lighting sometimes fought the choreography, changes in lighting texture competed with and failed to support the flow of the choreography: and, the soundscape although it worked well for the piece sounded to my ears like a hideous feedback loop that needed to be fixed.

I accept that the composer for “Rite” was probably trying to emulate the shock factor that Stravinsky had in 1913 when his Rites of Spring was presented in Paris.  However, he was no Stravinsky. 

The second half of the evening the now “traditional” Rites of Spring was equally strong, and featured white costumes on a black set.  Unfortunately, the unisex costume dresses did not do anything to add drama to the very fine and erotic choreography. 

All in all it was a stunning evening at the Queen Elizabeth theatre.

The next day, Saturday, acting on Eric Epstein’s advice we went to Granville Island to catch two pieces of theatre by an all female ensemble.  The matinee was “J Caesar”, a shortened adaptation of the Shakespeare’s play re-written for an all female cast.  The writing worked rather well, however James MacDonald’s direction brought the play to a fever pitch from the beginning and left no room for growth.  The Shakespearian language also seemed to be a challenge for some of the cast.  However, it was a worthwhile exercise in adaptation.

In the evening, the same company presented “Miss Shakespeare” a musical about women, notably Shakespeare’s daughter Judith, wanting to become thespians in an all male theatre world.  It was funny, touching and just plain fun.  Tracey Power wrote the book and lyrics; and also helped write the music with Steve Charles; both elements were very strong.  The performances were all very strong, the lighting effective and the simple set worked beautifully.

Both shows were at Performance Works, a delightful, small venue on Granville Island.  The shows will be moving to the Meek Centre in West Vancouver, opening on May 21.

Image: Miss Shakespeare. Photograph by: Bold Rezolution Studio

Yukon Arts Centre offers a MYSTERY PASS for Art Lovers!

Yukon Arts Centre offers a MYSTERY PASS for Art Lovers!

All the Art Lover’s shows--SIX shows-- for $99, only you don’t know which shows they are! 

August 22, we will reveal the whole fantastic 20th Anniversary Yukon Arts Centre Season in a blowout BBQ and presentation—and release WHICH shows will be a part of the Art Lover’s Series.

We will then set the Pass at $126.

BUT-- Till the 20th of August—it’s a Mystery that you can get for $99. 
Here’s how to get your Art Lover’s Mystery Pass. 

  1. Come in person to the Yukon Arts Centre to purchase.  The Mystery is only happening up here!
  2. Choose the seat that you want for all six shows
  3. Pay $99 for your pass
  4. Find out on Aug 22 what you’ve got! 

The Yukon Arts Centre’s 20th Anniversary Season promises to be its greatest yet!  The Art Lover’s Pass includes the most intriguing theatre, dance, and music offerings, and this year is no exception.  We think you’ll be pleased if you follow our MYSTERY to its conclusion.

All will be revealed soon! Get your Mystery Pass now BY August 20, here at the YAC Box Office only! 

Take part in the MYSTERY!