Dan Sokolowski has crafted a beautiful film, Degrees North, taking viewers to places all over Canada--landscapes, waterscapes, airscapes, escapes. 

He's now created an installation you have to see to experience. 

STUDIO THEATRE installation: Degrees North

Dividing up his film into three distinct themes: air, earth and water---he's placed those images from the film on three separate screens that surround the viewer.  Feel free to sit on the bench in the middle, or walk around the outside of this installation and touch the sheets/screens.  Also, feel free to stand up and block part of the image with your own shadow.  Dan says, "It puts you in the picture!" 

I find it peaceful and creatively stimulating.  Sit there and relax and wherever you turn your head you see landscapes of the north, of Canada. 

Come see this highly interactive installation now.  It's only up till Sunday.  Sponsored by YFS and YAC.