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A Guy Obsessed with 12 Notes but They’re Just in a Different Order

A Guy Obsessed with 12 Notes but They’re Just in a Different Order

This weekend, on Sunday May 17th at 7:30pm, Jazz Yukon and the Yukon Arts Centre and are co-presenting a very special collaboration concert of our very own Daniel Janke and Canada’s internationally renowned Mark Fewer.

This show will be nothing short of uniquely entertaining as the duo alludes to what could be expected of their collaborative recording project, on the theme of 'visual music'. Pieces in this concert will feature in a CD recording, Music for Strings (title TBA), set to release on the Centrediscs label. This concert features Janke’s unique composition style and Fewer’s virtuosic playing. The style straddles boundaries between contemporary music and modal string writing traditions.

We welcome Mark Fewer to Whitehorse for the first time. Fewer became immersed in music at a very young age.  In fact, when he was 10 years old, Fewer had played for Pope John Paul II, and for Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their respected visits to his home town in Fort St. John. That was just the beginning of the long list of accomplishments that Mark Fewer`s musical career has gained.

Here’s a Global News excerpt of an interview by Richard Dagenais on Morning News Montreal:

RD:  “You`re described as genre-bending, you play jazz, avant-garde, classical. Who is the real Mark Fewer?”

MF:  “Probably a guy obsessed with 12 notes but they’re just in a different order. People often ask me that question, what I would really want to do if I had to make a choice, and I don’t really have a good answer for that. Because I like to think that it’s possible to be fully invested in whatever music you’re looking at, at that moment; whether it’s classical,  whether is Bach, whether it’s jazz or something avant-garde. Whatever it is, you can really put your full sense of musicality into it rather than feeling like just being aware of one piece of pie of where you have to stay. Maybe that’s kind of my gypsy nature that I don’t like to be in one place for too long, and that means creatively that I like to look at a lot of different things. And I think the idea that you can look at things with a different perspectives is actually really healthy. So if you’re spending time in the jazz world, and you come back to Bach, let’s say, you see a whole other Bach.”

RD:  “So, why aren’t more musicians doing that?”

MF:  "When I was starting out, maybe 20 years ago, I was probably one of the only ones doing this. But now there’s a lot more people interested in a lot more of what’s out there. You can maybe credit the internet for a little bit of that, but I also credit a few very specific classical individuals namely Nigel Kennedy, and one of my very favourite violinist that’s alive today name Enrico Onofri. They really decided that you could break out of the mold of control and find an awful lot more to put into your music making.”

RD:  “That’s an important lesson”

MF:  “For everything!”

RD: “Yeah, for everything, for young students in music. You're a teacher, is that something you try?

MF:  “Well, you know, it’s a delicate balance because depending on the level of the student they may need a certain type of training to get to their next level if you look at it from a technical perspective. But, musically, they have their own thing to say, and so for me to try and take my ideas and tell them ‘”no, this is how music goes” well then you’re on shaky ground at that point. Because you shouldn’t really be telling somebody else what music is all about – they have their own thing to say about it. It’s something they can explore on their own. So as a teacher I love that exploration with others and so if I can do that with students, that’s great. This week I’m doing that with colleagues, this week I’m doing it with ‘I Musici’ because I can’t really tell these people “no, it’s this way or the highway”. The new world of classical musicians is here, and it’s here to stay.

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After the Flood, We’re FINE and OPEN!

After the Flood, We’re FINE and OPEN!

Yes, as you may know there was an alarm, an evacuation, and some flooding at the Yukon Arts Centre Friday night!

Here's what happened. A heating coil broke in the electrical room next to an air intake valve. Without the coil to warm the air, the valve took in -30 cold Winter air and froze a sprinkler in the electrical room.

In a miracle worthy of the first few chapters of Acts, the water didn't burst and spray the transformers, but kindly leaked all over the floor, flooding the lobby and electrical room, a little on the stage and in the gallery.

Because we have FAST people on staff, and fast patrons, we were able to evacuate in 5 min!! (we need to have races to see if we can beat that time! *). Patrons rushed out without coats to the gym next door and their coats were brought forthwith. The choir, also evacuated to the gym, decided to give second part of concert there! I bet the acoustics were AWESOME!!

Because we have hearty battleship linoleum, we were able to suck up the water without damage to the gallery (or the art) or lobby or stage. We now have a bunch of new fans to make sure the underside of the movable walls are dry.  Yukon Arts Centre thanks the patrons and staff and volunteers for all their assistance!

All shows WILL go on. We are FULLY open for business, ticket sales, chatting in the lobby, full performances.  There might be a slight dampness in the lobby carpets, but that's not a show-stopper.

We try to leave the show-stoppers to the concerts!!


Hey, with all the new fans in the gallery---maybe you might consider becoming a new FAN of our Gallery!  Try our Gallery Memberships.  Call 667-8485 for more details. 

Blue Rodeo will do TWO shows in Whitehorse

Blue Rodeo will do TWO shows in Whitehorse






Doors:  4:30PM  Show:  5:30PM
Doors:  8:00PM  Show:  9:00PM


November 26 at 4pm: In-person ONLY from Yukon Arts Centre Box Office
(300 College Drive). Limit: 4 tickets per person.

November 27 at 10am onward: In-person at Yukon Arts Centre Box Office, Arts Underground, charge by phone 867-667-8574 and online at

Tickets (incl. GST) $71.00



Blue Rodeo have announced two back-to-back shows in Whitehorse, YT on January 3 to kick off their cross-Canada tour which celebrates the 25 years since the release of their debut album, Outskirts. Tickets for the Whitehorse shows will go on sale Monday, November 26 at 4pm.

Blue Rodeo emerged in the early 80’s as a countrified rock band in the era of hair metal and glossy pop.  Despite sticking out like a sore thumb (or maybe because of it), their single “Try” became omni-present on radio across Canada and set in motion a three decade long career of headlining every club, theatre and arena in Canada.  In 1993, when grunge rock was squeezing commercial rock off the radio, they recorded their most acoustic album, Five Days In July, and scored their biggest hit selling over a half million copies of that one record alone. 

Over the course of the next 20 years, Blue Rodeo has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, sold over 4 million records, won an unprecedented 5 Juno awards as Group of the Year, been handed keys to the City of Toronto and given a Star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.  But for them, the accolades and awards pale in comparison to the good fortune of being musicians. 

“I think that’s the testament – to really do it for a living,” says Jim Cuddy reflecting on all that has happened to the band. “Not just live the life of a popular band but to actually create music for a living.”

On October 16th, the band celebrated its legacy with the release of a Blue Rodeo: 1987-1993, a box set of their first 5 albums fully re-mastered and repackaged, plus a fully remixed Outskirts, Casino Demos and an Odds & Ends package.

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