Please join us for the opening reception of "We Keep It All In" new works by Jen Williams. The opening reception is on March 8th from 5-7pm, refreshments and snacks provided. The exhibition runs from March 1 to 30, 2013. Gallery Hours Tues-Fri 10-5, Sat 12-5.

Artist Statement
I am one of those people who strolls along your street in the evening, hoping to get a glimpse into your living room. Interior spaces, particularly those of strangers, have long fascinated me. As an introvert, much of my emotional life plays itself out on an interior screen in my mind, hidden to the world at large. “we keep it all in” is a series of mind’s eye pictures that are both impassively archetypal and deeply personal. Scenes of seemingly banal domesticity belie the darker, murkier realm of suppressed memories, nightmares and unspoken fears that seep into, form and shape our collective unconsciousness.

Jen Williams is a photo based artist from Yukon, Canada. She creates staged photographic narratives using familiar socio-cultural icons and archetypes as a means to explore and deconstruct the way we define ourselves, others and our place in the world.