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Circum-Arctic Art Show in Reykjavik, Iceland

Circum-Arctic Art Show in Reykjavik, Iceland

Within weeks Yukon Arts Centre (YAC) and Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association (YFNCT) worked cohesively in sending eight Yukon artists’ artworks to an international showcasing of circum-polar Indigenous Peoples' art. The Circum-Arctic Art Show is the first annual showcase held in Reykjavik, Iceland from October 15th-19th, 2015.

YAC's gallery intern, Teresa, took on the Yukon's portion of the Circum-Arctic Art Show as her first fall project. 

Seen above are some of the pieces Teresa packed for shipping. 

There are fourteen First Nations and eight language groups in Yukon, Canada. Each boasts enriched visual artists who create astounding works of art based on their traditional teachings, contemporary experiences, and cultural knowledge.

Today, there are hundreds of artists, both established and emerging, residing on their Traditional Territories in small communities across the North. Yukon First Nations illustrate their astonishing talents of combining both traditional and modern materials into their works breaking down stereotypes and paving the way for conversations surrounding First Nations and the expression of indigeneity through art.

Seen above, artworks snuggled together and ready to be shipped to Iceland. Two full crates were sent. All artworks arrived safely to Iceland and are currently on display at the Gamla Bio

We had the privilege of sending two artists to attend and represent the Yukon, Shirlee Frost and Mark Preston.

Artists that have work currently on display at the Circum-Arctic Gallery include Lena White, Sarah McHugh, George Roberts, Teresa Vander Meer-Chasse, Dennis Shorty, and Dolores Scheffen.

Photo courtesy of Circum-Arctic Gallery. Seen in the photo above, "Carrying Forward Our Traditions" collaborative piece created at the 2014 Adaka Cultural Festival and "Mother Earth Protects the One's We Hold Precious To Us" (button blanket) by Lena White displayed at the Circum-Arctic Art Show Mainstage. 

YAC and YFNCT hope to work together again in creating opportunities for Yukon visual artists abroad.

Northern Art Network - May 2015

Northern Art Network - May 2015

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Northern Art Network meetings held at the Anchorage Museum. The Northern Art Network is an association of museums and cultural institutions throughout the Circumpolar North.  The intent is to exchange ideas, resources, artists, artwork, and to hold an annual meeting in the Circumpolar North.  It was formed a year ago by Anchorage Museum and art centres in Scandinavia in Rovaniemi, Finland.



Members include:

  • Anchorage Museum
  • Rovaneimi Art Museum Korundi House of Culture
  • University of Lapland
  • Aline Art Museum
  • Oulu Art Museum
  • RiddoDuottarMuseat / The Sámi Museum
  • Culture House, Luleå
  • Kiiruna Art Museum
  • Havremagasinet - Bodens Länskonsthall
  • Sami Center for Contemporary Art
  • The Art Museum of Northern Norway
  • Archangelsk Art Museum
  • Murmansk Art Museum
  • Nuuk Art Museum
  • Qaqortoq Museum
  • Akureyri Art Museum
  • Archangelsk Art Museum
  • Murmansk Art Museum
  • Yukon Arts Centre



The meeting in Anchorage was jammed packed. We toured almost every exhibition within the building with their curators along with their extensive collections. From an incredible look at Captain Cook’s search for the Northwest Passage along with Alaska Native artist interventions, to plans to reimagine their most visited space, the Alaska Gallery, to their remarkable collaboration with the Smithsonian,  and creative use of space with an exhibition on Sea Ice in their atrium - it was truly inspiring to experience the Anchorage Museum. Beyond the Museum we visited the Alaska Aviation Museum and Alaska Native Heritage Center where we took in a dance demonstration and the chance to join in at the end!

A highlight for many of us was a series of artist talks by Alaskan artists: Allison Warden, Sonya Kelliher-Combs, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Holly Nordlum, Drew Michael, and Chad Taylor. Yukon artist, Joyce Majiski also traveled to the meetings and presented mainly on her latest body of work: North of Myth. I think this proved to be an exciting gathering for all of as it really demonstrated the connected themes and perspectives that we share as Northerners. Ultimately it feels like this is the heart of the Northern Art Network - the sharing of artists, artworks and ideas among the circumpolar.

The Yukon Arts Centre has committed to build as an extensive list as possible of circumpolar artist residencies in hopes that Yukon and Northern artists can exchange as well as artists from around the world can experience the North. We look forward to being an active member of the Northern Art Network and thank Anchorage Museum and their staff for their warm northern hospitality.



Mary Bradshaw - Gallery Director/Curator, Yukon Arts Centre