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Summer Student Job

Summer Student Job

Gallery Summer Outreach - Summer Student Position

May 30, 2012 - August 31, 2012 (extension into September is a possibility)
Full time - $16.59 / hour (plus $0.72/ hour for health benefits)

The Internship will offer up to a 16 week work opportunity at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery in presenting/developing visual art exhibitions, managing art programs, and working in collection and arts administration. Particular focus for this job is Outreach art programming and promoting the Gallery through social media. Hands-on experience will be gained through working on exhibitions, events and education programs as part of the Gallery Team at the Yukon Arts Centre, with our programming partners in the community and directly with local and visiting artists.

A knowledge and understanding of the emerging artist community in the Yukon will be beneficial, as will the candidate's intention to build a career in the growing cultural industry sector.

Requirements: This position is funded through Young Canada Works and the Canadian Museums Association which states that students must be registered as a full-time student during the preceding academic year; intend to return to secondary or post-secondary school on a full-time basis during the next academic year; are between 16 and 30 years of age; legally entitled to work in Canada; and not be working 30 hours or more at another job. Students with disabilities, Aboriginal students and students who are members of a visible minority are encouraged to apply.

Applications may be submitted by May 25, 2012:

Preferably by e-mail to Visual Arts Engagement, Jessica Vellenga (867) 393-7109
Or by mail to Box 16, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5X9
Or dropped off at the Yukon Arts Centre, 300 College Drive, Whitehorse


Photo: bgottsab

Community and Youth Galleries

Community and Youth Galleries

Though such a task the Sewing Our Traditions: Dolls of Canada's North exhibition has been packed up and moved to Dawson where it will open during the comming week.

Our Community Gallery holds the works of Virgine Hamel. Her presentation entitled Entre le Rêve et la Mémoire (or Dreaming the Tale) is a series of color pencil drawings on canson paper. Her beautiful technique is minimalistic and surreal and exhibits a thoughful use of crosshatching. You can see her work above.


The Youth Gallery is also holding a new work on it's walls. The Kluane Lake School has been so kind as to submit artwork from many grades with a great range of diversity - from painted egg shell mosaics to paper weaves and styrofoam wall plates.

These works will only be up until the 26th so come out and see them soon.


Gallery Update: Sleep of Reason

Gallery Update: Sleep of Reason

The Yukon Arts Centre is proud to present Sleep of Reason in our public gallery. Derived from the title of a piece from Fancisco Goya's Los Caprichos, the gallery looks to address the concept of 'the artist as a dreamer' and the weight behind it. Showcased in a number of different medias, the artists let us in to their 'lucid dimension' of which they rely for their creativity and their means to illustrate it.
At first glance, it is hard not to notice the large spiral staircase winding in it's own glory at the far corner of the room but this piece is far from the most interesting in the gallery.

Joseph Tisiga's works - some of my favorites - are in the first room on the right. In the gallery he presents a series of watercolor and an oil painting on canvas. His use of color is very dirty and rusty - heavy with red and browns, capturing a sort of grunge look despite his clean lines. My favorites of his collection are one of his larger pieces titled Preparation for Utopia and the work that is featured as the poster for the gallery.

Rosemary Scanlon also submitted 2 series' of watercolor mixed media paintings - the titles of which being Shadow People of the Alaska Highway and Animal Icons. Animal Icons is a collection of animal portraits whose haunting stares hold your gaze as your pass by. Shadow People on the other hand deals with landscape views of near real places with a spiritual undertone. I personally get caught off guard as I see the vastness of trees and mountains.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

The Yukon Arts Centre Gallery and Box Office will close for Easter holiday on April 6 and reopen with regular hours on Tuesday April 10, 2012. We will however be open for the following events:

Thanks everyone - have a great long weekend!

image credit: W. Bradshaw - Easter eggs from Copenhagen

What MythConceptions about the North have you heard?

What MythConceptions about the North have you heard?

Seems every day we hear something startling about "our" way of life and "our" north.  We've all heard the one about a tourist asking, "When do you turn on the Northern Lights?"  Dogmushing to work, living in igloos, ---eek--the myths about the north still abound.  For me, it's the "Polar Bears living with Penguins" myth of the north that just makes me wanna scream.  (If polar bears and penguins lived together, penguins would be gobbled up in an afternoon). 

To celebrate the new gallery showing, "Untrue North," we'd love to collect some of these Untrue ideas of the north. 

Give us your comment below:  share with us the Untrue things YOU'VE heard about the North.  We'll collect 'em!  Keep coming back to see what other people have said--cause I can tell you now---this is gonna get weird and funny. 

And if you're up here at YAC's Art Gallery between Jan 12 and March 10 come see this great collection of art, curated by Earl Miller, that challenges what is True and Untrue about the North. 


(image presented above is NOT IN the showing--just an example of the kind of question we're asking)