In November 2013, we asked the community to share their thoughts and experiences of the Yukon Arts Centre. With almost 300 participants from across Yukon and beyond, we heard stories about favourite exhibitions, friendly volunteers, uplifting Available Light Cinema films, and concerts like Buffy Sainte-Marie, David Myles and Blue Rodeo. But above all, we heard about memories of times spent with friends and family.

We also heard concerns and suggestions about a number of important issues, including better physical access for patrons with reduced mobility, improving the reach of YAC programming outside of Whitehorse, and even the temperature of the theatre. Our board and staff are working towards addressing all of these issues. Projects we are working on right now include increasing French language content on our website and throughout the facility, and creating technical training opportunities for volunteers backstage.

In December, we took these responses – both positive and negative – to a Board and Staff strategic planning session. Inspired by what we heard, we spent four days working with the renowned international arts consultant Jerry Yoshitomi to refresh our vision, our goals and our souls. Out of these discussions, we developed the following ENDS STATEMENTS. Ends that challenge YAC board, staff, and community partners to make a difference in Yukon.

The Yukon Arts Centre exists to provide access to the arts for all people in the Yukon so that:

1. All have experiences that awaken, educate, challenge and transform in welcoming venues and settings
2. All have meaningful and inclusive dialogue among people of diverse cultures and backgrounds
3. There is cultural understanding, development, promotion and preservation.
4. All engage our creative and innovative spirits
5. There is expression of artistic potential for artists of all ages (inclusively defined)
6. There is the development and sustenance of a vibrant cultural and creative sector (including artists, organizations, small commercial businesses)

Ultimately, it’s not about just about the shows. YAC events are welcoming spaces for participation and conversation.

So please get involved! We always welcome your feedback, and we’d love to hear directly from you. For questions or comments, please contact:

Al Cushing, CEO
(867) 667-8577

Katie Newman, Marketing & Development
(867) 393-7108

Take a look at the graphs below for a big picture look at the responses to the survey.