The Inuit women of Baker Lake possess a timeless skills of needle work that is truly reflected in this exhibition. Through bright fabric and colorful threading, the pieces open a whole new light on the lives and culture that reside in Nunavut.
The show is made up of 20 hand stitched pieces from the south central area of the territory.

This piece is entitled Tundra by Ruth Qualliarialik Nuilliak. Once entering the gallery this wonderful quilt like patch work jumps out to great you from the purple wall.  The colors are pastel and very gentle providing a lovely contrast against the furious purple.


Miriam Qiyuk's Snowy Owls is a playful piece. The 6 owls when closely examined, have an amazing amount of off-white detailing along their wings and a softer peach detailing on their torso. One cannot help but smile at the cock-headed little guy in the middle of the bottom row.


The North by Fanny Auvitute is a perfect example of the skill these women have.  Upon first glance I personally believed that the 3 diamond patterned boarders were a patterned fabric. It was only when I was able to closely examine the piece did i realize all the small details were hand stitched - I was simply blown away.

The exhibition, curated by honorary board member of the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association Judith Varney-Burch, had opened on Thursday June 7th to a wonderful attendance and will stay until August 25th.