Position: Assistant Bookkeeper
Type: Permanent – 30 hours/week
PSAC Bargaining Unit Position

1. Summary:
1.1. The Assistant Bookkeeper is a member of the bargaining unit reporting to the CEO.

2. Position History:
2.1. The position was created in 2015.

3. Results to be achieved:
3.1. Maintains positive, productive relationship with clients, stakeholders, colleagues, supervisor and staff.
3.2. Ensures confidentiality with respect to organizational or client information and data.
3.3. Ensures accurate and timely payment of Accounts Payable
3.4. Ensures accurate and timely receipt and tracking of Accounts Receivable
3.5. Ensures that accounting and administrative files are maintained and complete.

4. Responsibilities and Duties:
4.1. Accounts Payable:
4.1.1. Record and track Invoices.
4.1.2. Verify Purchase Orders.
4.1.3. Issue cheques.
4.1.4. Record and track cheques.
4.1.5. Record and track all coded departmental transactions.
4.1.6. Reconcile Accounts Payable Sub Ledger

4.2. Accounts Receivable:
4.2.1. Issue Invoices
4.2.2. Record and track Accounts Receivable cheques
4.2.3. Reconcile Accounts Receivable Sub Ledger

4.3. Payroll:
4.3.1. Collect Time sheets and ensure charges are accurate.
4.3.2. Process payroll and verify that payments are correct.
4.3.3. Track overtime, time of in lieu, vacation leave, sick leave and union payments.
4.4. Bank Deposits:
4.4.1. Oversee the reconciliation of all Box Office receipts.
4.4.2. Prepare and process bank deposits.
4.5. Record keeping/filing
4.5.1. Maintain timely and accurate paper records for accounts receivable, accounts payable and other accounting files as required.
4.5.2. If responsible for Payroll = maintain timely and accurate paper records for Payroll, payroll benefits, CPP, EI, Canada Revenue.

5. Qualifications:
5.1. Knowledge
5.1.1. Basic Accounting, Bookkeeping, particularly accounts receivable and payable
5.1.2. Office procedures and effective record keeping
5.1.3. Federal and Territorial record retention requirements

5.2. Skills
5.2.1. Express and exchange information in a clear and precise manner and maintain a positive and productive relationship with clients and colleagues
5.2.2. Computer literate with an intermediate level knowledge of spread sheet design and word processing (EXCEL and MSWord)
5.2.3. Experience working with a computer based accounting system (ADAGIO or similar)

5.3. Abilities
5.3.1. Ability to work in a team environment.
5.3.2. Ability to manage a diverse workload, under short timelines and with numerous interruptions.
5.3.3. Ability to provide timely and accurate information.
5.3.4. Ability to maintain a professional, helpful manner in dealing with clients, suppliers, and colleagues.
5.3.5. Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.

Position: Assistant Bookkeeper

Status: Permanent, 30 Hours

PSAC Collective Agreement Position
Rate of Pay: $21.27/hour for the first six months (probationary)
$22.05/hour for the next 24 months

Annual Leave: As per PSAC agreement Article 28

Hours Worked: Employee will work Monday to Friday 9AM-3PM

Reports to: CEO

Start Date: TBA

Closing Date: July 6, 2018