There is a new Exhibition titled La Caravane des dix mots up in the ATCO Electric Yukon Youth Gallery. This year the focus was on the word Nomad. This exhibition was led by artist Marie-Hélène Comeau, the Association franco-yukonnaise and Commission scolaire francophone du Yukon. La Caravane des dix mots is up from November 3-25, 2017.

More than 800 nomadic flags were created to put around École Émilie-Tremblay School for Yukon Francophonie Day on May 15, 2017. The project, led by artist Marie-Hélène Comeau, was an opportunity for hundreds of French Yukoners to illustrate a nomadic item they can carry around with them. Nomadic flags made by Madagascar and Brittany children and people from France joined the Franco-Yukon project, which helped forge bonds and reflect on the word “nomad”, one of the 10 words featured in La Caravane des dix mots.