Lusia Stetkiewicz is a born and raised Yukoner. Growing up around such natural beauty inspired her art from a young age, and art has always been a large part of her life. She will enter her second year at the Alberta College of Art and Design in September, working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Working as the Gallery Intern at The Yukon Arts Center Public Gallery is nothing short of a dream job for an aspiring artist, she says, and she's looking forward to working with the team here on many artistic and cultural movements and workshops throughout the summer.

We look forward to a summer filled with Art and Colour.  She's already helped us put up our latest Art Gallery explosion of colour. 

Check out our three shows:  Nunavut's Culture on Cloth by the Women of Baker Lake, Nunavut; They Call us Squatters by Alison McCreesh, and Look At All the Things We've Found by Meghan Hildebrand--now up till August 25! 

She had a hand in putting them together! 

This position is funded by Young Canada Works and Canadian Museums Association