The newest original work from Yukon’s break dance company, Borealis Soul, is a fresh and contemporary take on the Yukon experience.  Dark, Cold, and Quiet captures the drastic contrasts of light, sound, and emotion between Northern seasons.

The breath-taking work that has gone into Dark, Cold, and Quiet could not have been achieved without the incredible talent of the young and passionate company. Between the dancers on stage, to the musician’s behind the work’s original compositions, the creative work of the show has all been inspired by their Yukon home.
Dark, Cold, and Quiet also marks new heights in the Yukon Arts Centre’s participation in the development of original work. While YAC is predominately a presenting organization, the mini “mainstage artist residency” has been a trial run for how YAC could continue to offer support for the development of new works. While YAC often contributes spaces in-kind for local development (Ramshackle Theatre’s Tombstone, Gwaandak Theatre’s Map of the Land, Map of the Stars), Dark, Cold, and Quiet is new. The YAC technical staff have had the opportunity to participate creatively in the technical development of the show, ensuring that the artists creation and choreography is presented with the best lighting and sound possible. 

“Often with touring shows, and renters, we don’t have the time to use the [Yukon] Arts Centre’s technical abilities to the full advantage.” Comments Yukon Arts Centre Lighting Designer, Jess McNabb. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to support emerging Yukon artists, and be able to create alongside them.”
For the artists on stage, Cold, Dark, and Quiet is evocative of their ever contrasting lives. Splitting their time between Whitehorse, and southern urban centres, the ever contrasting sounds and scenes of their homes had significant influence on the development of the performance.

“The Yukon is home to some of the most promising emerging break dancers across Canada.” Said Leaping Feats Owner and Artistic Director, Andrea Simpson-Fowler. “Whitehorse is home to the largest number of break dancers per capita, in Canada. As much as they love their lives in the Yukon, in order to grow as artists in their medium, the only opportunities for that is in places like Vancouver and Toronto. This show is significantly influenced by that geographical divide.”
With performances like Cold, Dark, and Quiet hitting the Yukon Arts Centre Mainstage, the Yukon’s place in the national arts scene is further grounded. While the depth and brilliance of Yukon artistry is never lost on those lucky enough to live and breathe it every day, it is exciting to see these young artists be able to create work about Northern culture, and share it with the rest of Canada.

Cold, Dark, and Quiet is on the Yukon Arts Centre Mainstage June 25th at 7pm. Opening act is Major Funk and the Employment. For those unable to attend, selections from the performance will be presented in 2017’s Cypher Fest.


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