Finding strength in teabags

An art project in the Yukon Arts Centre’s Community Gallery

A diaphanous dress sewn of translucent teabag fabric will hang in the Community Gallery this coming May, the space inside it held open by bamboo skewers. Images of dresses made by the prints of teabags onto translucent drafting vellum will accompany this sculptural piece from the walls.
And artist Nicole Bauberger will invite community members to help create the exhibit by drinking tea.
“I need used teabags to create two of the installations of have planned. So I will have a box of teabags for people to take from in early May. I’m hoping they will bring the bags back damp and leave them for me to complete the installation.”
The installation of Remains will remain a work in progress until the opening of the summer show at in the Yukon Arts Centre gallery on May 16.
Remains steps onto new ground for Bauberger. She’s well known for her paintings in oil, acrylic and encaustic.  In this show she uses different materials in an intuitive way to confront more personal emotional content than usual.
“My road paintings and dress paintings have a strong subjective element. But this is riskier for me.” Bauberger’s father died at the end of 2010, and she has been reflecting on this major event in her life since then. Bauberger explains, “I know his death has changed me and I’m still figuring out how. It’s begun working its way through my artwork. The materials themselves become a repository for thoughts and emotions. This soothes me. It lets me set them down.”
Her father, Glenn Bauberger, was among other things a model railroader who kept many bits and pieces for use in dioramas, including tried used tea and fabric teabags. “He said it was the right scale for screen in HO.” He died at the age of 64, leaving many of these things unused. As an artist, his daughter found herself needing to do something with them.
Bauberger included some pieces like the ones she will show this spring in an exhibition called Scavenger in Juneau, Alaska April of 2012. She was heartened by the response. “It seems like setting out these idiosyncratic engagements with my own grief was of use to other people. I hope views might find this useful too.”

Pick up some tea to take part in the Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery between May 2 and May 10. Remains will remain on display until June 1.

Contact Nicole Bauberger for more information. Bauberger will be out of the territory April 18-29, so email is the best way –

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