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3rd Annual Yukon Arts Audience Awards - Winners Announced!

3rd Annual Yukon Arts Audience Awards - Winners Announced!

After over a month of receiveng nominations and voting (with a very successful Magnetic North Festival smack dab in the middle of it all) we are very pleased to announce the winners of this years YAA Awards!

Thanks to everyone for their nominations, voting, and feedback. We look forward to doing it all again next year! In the meantime, there are a ton of incredible events happening throughout the rest of the summer. Get out there, enjoy that midnight sun, and explore all that our amazing territory has to offer!

Once again, congratulations to all the nominees and winners. We want to acknowledge everyone that contributes to making the Yukon a fun and vibrant place to work, play, and live!

Without further ado... 

WHITEHORSE Favourite Music Performance

1. Lemon Bucket Orkestra: Return of Spring, April 2016 at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
2. TIE!

Whitehorse Community Choir: The Last Horizon, May 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre
Ryan McNally: Stepping Down South CD release, April 2016 at the Old Fire Hall
Michael Feuerstack, Devon Sproule, and Old Cabin, July 2015 at Splintered Craft

3. TIE!

Fawn Fritzen: Pairings CD release, April 2016 at the Old Fire Hall
Jazz Yukon: James Danderfer Trio, November 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre

DAWSON CITY Favourite Music Performance

1. Dawson City Music Festival, July 2015

WHITEHORSE Favourite Theatre Production

1. L’Immediat: Yukon Arts Centre and Nakai Theatre (Pivot Festival), January 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre
2. Tomboy Survival Guide: Ivan Coyote and the Yukon Arts Centre, September 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre
3. TIE!

The Improv Project: The Guild, March 2016 at the Guild
Often I Find that I Am Naked: Larrikin Entertainment, January - February 2016 at the Courts
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead: The Guild, September - October 2015 at the Guild

WHITEHORSE Favourite Dance Production

1. CypherFest: Leaping Feats, August 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre
2. Eunoia: Fujiwara Dance Inventions and the Yukon Arts Centre, October 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre
3. TIE!

March Break Extravaganza, Leaping Feats, March 2016 at Leaping Feats
How the Grinch Stole Winter: MAD (Music, Art, and Drama), December 2015 at Wood Street  School

TESLIN Favourite Dance Production

1. Dakhka Kwaan Dancers, Teslin Cultural Centre, July 2015

WHITEHORSE Favourite Solo Visual Arts Exhibition

1. Shaping Haidi Gwaii: Neil Graham, September - November 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre Main Gallery
2. TIE!

Veiled Hoods and Stains: Cal Lane, December 2015 - February 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre Main Gallery
Les Oiseaux de Nuit: Virginie Hamel, January 2016 at Focus Gallery (Arts Underground)

3. First Hole IBC: Death Prophecy Denied: Joseph Tisiga, March - May 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre Main Gallery

DAWSON CITY Favourite Solo Visual Arts Exhibition

1. Ommatidia Muralis: Andrew John Milne & Chantal Dupas, March 2016 at The Odd Gallery

WHITEHORSE Favourite Group Visual Arts Exhibition

1. Rock Paper Scissors: Southern Lake Artist Collective, September 2015 at the Focus and Edge Galleries (Arts Underground)
2. Arctic Adaptations - Nunavut at 15: Canada’s Entry into the 2014 Venice Bienelle in Architecture, June - August 2015 at the Yukon Arts Centre Main Gallery
3. New Acquisitions 2015: Friends of the Yukon Permanent Art Collection, various dates, various locations

WHITEHORSE Favourite Film Presentation

1. Room: Available Light Film Festival, February 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre
2. Brooklyn: Available Light Film Festival, February 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre
3. KONELINE (our land beautiful): Available Light Film Festival, February 2016 at the Yukon Arts Centre

DAWSON CITY Favourite Film Presentation

1. International Short Film Festival, KIAC, Oddfellows Hall, April 2016

ATLIN Favourite Film Presentation

1. A Band Called Death, Atlin Arts and Music Festival, July 2015 at the Globe Theatre

WHITEHORSE Favourite Art Happening

1. Bruce’s Big Bash: Bruce Bergman and Friends, May 2015 at Robert Service Campground
2. Mural: Splintered Craft, April 2016 at the Jamieson’s Building
3. TIE!

Battle of the Books: Terry Fallis, Northern Lights Writer’s Conference and Yukon Literacy  Coalition, January 2016 at the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
Cluster Resonance: Jordy Walker, Whitehorse Nuit Blanche, June 2015 at the Roundhouse

DAWSON CITY Favourite Art Happening

1. Dawson City International Short Film Festival, April 2016 at KIAC
2. Doily Webs: Nicole Bauberger and Jessica Vellenga, Tombstone Arts Residency, August 2015 in Tombstone Territorial Park

WHITEHORSE Favourite Art for Social Change

1. Walking With Our Sisters: various artists, April 2015 at KDCC and YAC
2. TIE!

Ukjese van Kampen Photography: April 2016 at YAC Community Gallery
Our Global Village: Selkirk Elementary School Wide Art Project, March 2016 at ATCO Electric  Youth Gallery (YAC)

WHITEHORSE Favourite Family Event

1. Winterval
2. Kids Kreate


1. Available Light Film Festival
2. Northern Lights Writers Conference
3. Banff Mountain Film Festival

ATLIN Best Fest

1. Atlin Arts and Music Festival

DAWSON Best Fest

1. TIE!
Dawson City Music Festival
Dawson City International Short Film Festival

Lifetime Achievement Award:

1. Bruce Bergman
2. TIE! Jim Robb / Andrea McColeman / Gary Bailie
3. John Steins

Volunteer of the Year

1. Donald Watt
2. Kim Winnicky
3. Duncan Sinclair

Emerging Artist of the Year

1. Calla Paleczny (Calla Kinglit)
2. Soda Pony
3. Genevieve Doyon

Arts Administrator of the Year

1. Laurel Parry
2. Duncan Sinclair
3. TIE! Michele Emslie / Kim Winnicky

Local Celebrity

1. Ivan Coyote
2. Nicole Edwards
3. Ryan McNally

Honourable Mentions

The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival was a late nomination for Best Fest.

Whitehorse Community Choir's Sounds of Africa, the Guild's Cannibal the Musical, Gwaandak Theatre's Paradise, the Yukon Arts Centre's presentation of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Moulin Rouge, and Dan Bushnell's late-night art installation at Midnight Sun Coffee Roaster all received nominations in various categories. These events all occured outside the date range for this year's awards, but they definitely deserve a shout out anyway!

The Adaka Festival was nominated but did not make it on to the voting page due to human error; we regret this mistake and want to give a shout out anyway to the amazing Adaka festival!

Last but not least (this isn't an honourable mention but) we apologize for any spelling errors that occured on the voting page; we corrected all misspellings that were brought to our attention immidiately!

Voter and Nominator Comments

“Thanks for all the wonderful things that make our community full of cultural events. We are rich, and consequently our children become rich with opportunity to explore, perform, and step up.”

“So much superb talent and so many wonderful volunteers!”

“Looking forward to more arts presentations in Carcross so will have more nominations in future years”

“Anything Ivan Coyote does is gold.”

“Brooklyn – fabulous film! Bravo to the Arts Centre / Film Festival for bringing this to Whitehorse.”

“Helen O’Connor never fails to inspire everyone and delivers arts activities that all ages enjoy.”

“Kim Winnicky is pretty impressive...”

“[Favourite volunteer is] any of the front of house managers!”

“Gary Johnson of the Dakha Kwaan dancers [is] a wonderful ambassador for the Yukon.”

“Love the arts and culture in this town.”

3rd Annual Yukon Arts Audience Awards - Nominations Open!

3rd Annual Yukon Arts Audience Awards - Nominations Open!


Here’s how it works: anyone can nominate any of their favourite arts happenings of the 2015-16 season (between May 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016). 

Artists, performers, companies, presenters, volunteers, and enthusiasts are all encouraged to nominate something you made or something you loved.

The awards recognize people's favourite arts events of each community in the following categories:











The YAA Awards are an opportunity for Yukoners across the territory to think back on arts experiences from the past year, and celebrate the cultural richness of our communities. Help keep the conversations flowing about the events that have been meaningful to you!

Yukon artists, presenters, venues, volunteers and art lovers are all encouraged to submit their events, spread the word and come back to vote for their favourite events!


Events must have taken place in Yukon between May 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016. Local and visiting artists alike are eligible, so long as they presented work here in the Yukon.

You can nominate events for as many or as few categories as you like.

Steve Dawson’s Interview on CBC’s Airplay

Steve Dawson’s Interview on CBC’s Airplay

He hits the Yukon Arts Centre Mainstage, April 4 with Russell de Carle, Roxanne Potvin, & Alvin Youngblood Hart.

Check out the full interview here:

Q + A with Kim Villagante

Q + A with Kim Villagante

Kim Villagante, also known as K!mmortal, is an artistic force to be reckoned with. As a visual artist, singer-songwriter/emcee, and arts-based community organizer currently based on Coast Salish Territory aka Vancouver, Kim fuses her phenomenal artistic talents with her activism. In 2013, Kim's debut acting role in Sal Capone landed her a nomination in Montreal English Theatre Awards as "Outstanding Supporting Actress". In 2014, she released her debut album, "Sincerity" and represented Vancouver as the only Filipina emcee in 2015's Canadian Music Week. Her latest acting accomplishment was playing the lead in the one-woman play "Sister Mary's A Dyke" written by Flerida Peña and directed by Jan Derbyshire. Kim was awarded the Vancouver Mayor's Arts Award in Community-Engaged arts in 2013, and is also the founder of "SHE", an annual East-Vancouver event celebrating indigenous, black, and women of colour in WORD and MUSIC ( Her recent self-directed animated music video, "Brushing by heaven's shoulder", was selected to be screened at San Francisco's Queer Women of Colour Film festival 2016.

Kim is in the Yukon preparing to perform in Sal Capone: the Lamentable Tragedy of this weekend, but she took some time out of her busy rehearsal schedule to answer a few questions for us about art, touring, and herself. Read on to find out more about this amazing multitalented artist!

Q; What’s the best thing about being a theatre artist?

A: Theatre is a powerful medium that pushes me to use every single part of my being ... Theatre truly makes me feel more alive. In this hip hop theatre production, I use my voice, to not just say my lines, but to rap and to sing...I use my body to dance, to explore what it's like to walk in Jewel's body, to interact with other characters ... theatre is an all encompassing medium. It teaches me to be critical and intentional with every move I make and all in service to the story.

Q: What would you do if you were not a theatre artist?

A: I'm actually primarily a rap-soul singer songwriter and visual artist  before I am a theatre artist. The director of Sal Capone casted me after seeing me perform at a spoken word show. I was invited to read the part of the script one day and got a callback that I got the part. This was in 2013- So taking theatre seriously is actually a pretty new turn in my artistic career. I love it so much though and want to continue doing it.

Q: What is the most memorable response you’ve ever experienced to your work?

A: A few Filipino folks in the audience came up to me after and expressed how they were really happy to see me represent on a Canadian stage. It also means so much to me when people end up talking about racism, homophobia, sexism, and power imbalance in the system and how that connects to police brutality. All the characters in this production are intense and on the edge because the stakes are high and there's always someone in the audience that can see themselves in a character. The most memorable response was a funny one when a black audience member in Montreal told me that my language on stage wasn't okay because I was using racist language so much. I think he believed I was actually the character of Jewel so much that he needed to give me a talk.

Q: Are you excited about touring to Whitehorse?

A: Definitely can't wait to see the northern lights, and I love how the sun shines bright here. Very different then Vancouver!

Q: Without giving too much away, what can audiences expect when they come to the show?

A: Expect the unpredictable - this is not a typical theatre production. Nothing is safe about it. Playwright Omari wrote this story talking about real social issues that are happening today - we
are calling attention to current issues - the black lives matter movement, missing and murdered indigenous women, transphobia and homophobia in a world that works to straighten queer lines. Expect a relevant story, and of course dope hip hop music created and coordinated by professional sound designer Troy Slocum as well as original raps written by us actors who are also musicians.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of working on this show?

A: I got a couple: Meeting my cast mates who are each such passionate go getters and who have become family to me. It has been such a blessing in my life to work in a team to bring this story to life. Thru this show I had also realized my potential as an artist and what I am capable of.

Thanks Kim!

To learn about about Kim's art, check out this clip from CBC!


Be sure to get your tickets to Sal Capone: The Lamentable Tragedy of, running this weekend (March 18 + 19) at the Yukon Arts Centre! It promises to be an unforgettable, powerful production!

Q + A with Candace Woodland

Q + A with Candace Woodland

Candace Woodland, a graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts, is delighted to reprise her role as Columbia in The Rocky Horror Show. Though she is currently working towards her Bachelor of Sociology, Candace is still in love with theatre. Some of her favourite roles have included Puck in A Midsummer Nights Dream, Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, Tranio in The Taming of the Shrew, Constanze in Amadeus, and Helen of Troy in The Penelopiad. 

Candace took the time to answer some questions from us about her first experience with Rocky, her excitement about touring, and her other interest - sociology!

Q: What’s the best thing about being a theatre artist?

A: It’s quite possible that the best thing about being a theatre artist is the wonderful, surprising opportunities that this career tends to throw into one’s path. Because of my art, I’ve had the chance to explore parts of myself I’d never considered before as I adapt to new and challenging roles. I’ve been able to learn discipline and dedication in the way only a two week rehearsal process can demand. I’ve had the opportunity to spend entire summers performing outside in the setting sun and under the stars for a bunch of people eating picnics and cuddling under blankets. And now, I get to fly to the Yukon to perform The Rocky Horror Show with a company I co-founded with a group of my friends. It’s unbelievably exciting. On top of all this, I get to bond with new people constantly, and basically play dress up all the time. It’s like Halloween comes four or five times a year. And, of course, the thrill of making audience members laugh or cry is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve ever experienced.

Q: What would you do if you were not a theatre artist?

A: I can’t really imagine not being involved in the arts at all. I’m actually also a full time student in Sociology right now, so I’d probably still be doing that. But I don’t think I would enjoy it as much.  I love school because it’s an opportunity for me to be quiet and introverted and work on my own in the day times, while my nights are filled with extroversion, excitement, and tons of group work. I think it’s the balance of the two that I love. So, probably just wouldn’t be as happy if I wasn’t an artist.

Q: What is the most memorable response you’ve ever experienced to your work?

A: Definitely my most memorable experience was during the first time I performed in The Rocky Horror Show, two years ago in Victoria BC. I played Columbia (as I still do now). The theatre was completely sold out, and the crowd was wild, but I didn’t fully understand how into it they were until “Time Warp” started playing and they just lost it. I remember that my tap solo (which I’d worked pretty hard on, since I’m definitely not an advanced tapper) was completely drowned out by screaming and cheering. I was so overwhelmed by their excitement – it felt like a huge wall of their positive energy just slammed right into my chest – that I actually had a split second where I teared up because it felt so incredibly joyful and interactive, and I had to snap back into character and keep performing. Actually, playing Columbia in general for the past three years has just been amazingly memorable. The responses I get, both on stage and off, are so positive and filled with such excitement. I think that’s a neat thing that Rocky Horror does that not all shows do; it creates this fandom of people who are excited beyond belief to be a part of the show both on stage and off.

Q: Are you excited about touring?

A: YES! Personally, I’ve never toured before. I graduated from theatre school five years ago, and I’ve had a lot of luck performing in my own home town – plus, I’m back in school for Sociology – so touring hasn’t been an opportunity for me until now. Travel is my second favourite thing in the world (next to theatre) so I can’t wait to combine the two! It just feels so neat to be able to share our show with an entirely new group of people. Plus, it’s an added bonus that my first tour is also with the company I co-founded. I am so incredibly proud to be a part of creating our company, RKO, and this show. To be able to tour it so soon is such an amazing treat.

Q: When was the first time you saw Rocky Horror?
A: Technically, I first saw Rocky Horror when I was in high school. I remember liking the feeling it gave me, but since I watched it alone in my mom’s basement, it wasn’t much of a social experience so it didn’t make a lasting impression on me. Fast forward almost a decade, and I was auditioning for The Rocky Horror Show (with a different company) without remembering the movie very much at all. They had me read for Columbia, and, to be honest, I barely knew who she was, so I just guessed at what she should be like! Right after my audition, I went to my friend Erica’s house, and she couldn’t believe that I’d just auditioned for Rocky without realizing what an amazing show it was, so she put on the movie right away. I remember sitting on her couch, drinking tea, and thinking “This movie is AMAZING! Why did I let myself go to that audition so unprepared?!?”. Luck was on my side, and I landed the role despite my lack of research. I was SO happy when I was offered Columbia! She’s been my favourite alter ego ever since.

Q: What was the process of working on the show like?
A: t’s been really interesting this year because about three quarters of our cast are reprising our roles from last year, and some of us are even reprising our roles for the third time. I think this gave us an advantage. We already had the framework of the show down, so we were able to get really specific and add a lot of depth to our characters, at least for ourselves. We have such a great team on this show, so most of the time we’re laughing our way through rehearsal. It’s really been a blast.

Q: What was the response in Victoria?
A; Victoria loved our show both this year and last year. We’ve had amazing support from our community, and a super positive response. It feels so good to leave the theatre and walk past groups of people raving about the show, or singing the songs that are still stuck in their heads. It’s so fun to know we’ve created this awesome event for so many people to enjoy!

Q: What was the best / most fun part of working on the show?
A:  think the most fun part of working on the show has been the ability to take a character whom I’ve played a few times before, and try some completely new things. Working with Britt (our director) really pushed me way out of my comfort zone, and I find these moments in the show that I never would have on my own, or when I first played Columbia back in 2013. I love that I have the chance to take a new stab at a character I absolutely love – and I think the rest of my team feels the same way about their characters! Coming back to a role you’ve previously played is such a treat; there is always more to discover.

Thanks Candace!

Be sure to get your tickets to The Rocky Horror Show, running November 25th – 28th at the Yukon Arts Centre. Also, join us to do the Time Warp – again! at our after-party on Friday night.