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‘La Caravane boréale des 10 mots’ exhibition presented by Marie-Hélène Comeau and l’AFY

‘La Caravane boréale des 10 mots’ exhibition presented by Marie-Hélène Comeau and l’AFY

The ATCO Electric Yukon Youth Gallery has a new exhibition on display from November 4-26, titled La Caravane boréale des 10 mots. This work was organized by Marie-Hélène Comeau and l’AFY. Come check out the interesting photographs and art that was created for this show!

“It takes almost nothing―just ten words in French―to accomplish great things, have fun, think and create international bridges. In ten words, the Franco-Yukon community is now connected with the Dakar, Brussels or Madagascar communities.

But these ten words are not alone, they are conveyed through art, enabling the globe’s Francophone and Francophile speakers to tell their stories differently and meet and listen to each other both locally and in the pluricultural context of globalization.

This is what the international Caravane des dix mots project is all about. Launched in France almost 15 years ago, today the project is enjoying great success among the big family of the Francophonie. Every year, ten words of the French languages are selected, to be snapped up by artists around the world who use them to express themselves within their respective communities.

French-speaking Yukon has participated in the project since 2013. The photos presented at the ATCO gallery bear witness to the different art projects that have taken place with our youth in the last year. To the ten words from last year we add new ones this year, and these bring us to reflect on their more modern usage in new technology.

2015 - 2016 : chafouin, champagne, dépanneur, dracher, fada, lumerotte, poudrerie, ristrette, tap-tap et vigousse

2016 - 2017 : avatar, fureteur (euse), héberger, canular, pirate, nomade, nuage, émoticône, télésnober et favori (ite)’’.

‘Larger than Life’ by Qaqtis, in the Community Gallery starting October 6th

‘Larger than Life’ by Qaqtis, in the Community Gallery starting October 6th

“Larger Than Life is an art exhibition encapsulating the history and beauty of the Yukon Territory in acrylic paint on stretched canvas. I have strived to incorporate the sights I see, people I meet and rich history of the Yukon through paintings. I want people to explore the actual meaning of the words "Larger Than Life" through my art and I hope viewers will come away with a sense of what the Yukon has to offer - culturally and historically. My paintings include various Yukon historical figures such as Jack London and well known Yukon attractions such as the SS Klondike and many more.” – Qaqtis

Jenni House Residency Call for artists - August 2016

Jenni House Residency Call for artists - August 2016

The Yukon Arts Centre, in partnership with the Yukon Film Society, are pleased to present a call for artists in residence at Jenni House, in Shipyards Park from August 1 – 31, 2016
The Jenni House Residency aims to support visual artists for a one month term by providing free studio space at the Jenni House in Shipyard’s Park, Whitehorse, YT.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 22, 2016 at 11:59pm.

The Jenni House is available for an artist’s residency for the month of August 1 – 31, 2016

Artists in residence are encouraged to present two activities to engage the public, one open house or talk to discuss their work and one workshop. This event is to be mutually coordinated and agreed upon between YAC, YFS, and the sponsored artist.  If required YAC may be able to offer some supplies they have in stock, but all other supplies are responsibility of the artist.

YFS will be responsible for managing the ‘’Jenni House Artist Agreement’’ with the artist in advance of the residency and providing the artist with an access key and facility instructions.  Please see the artist agreement for full details.

There are no fees to apply to the residency. YAC can offer a $500 honorarium for the residency. The Artist is responsible for all materials related to their project while in residence. Subject to availability the Yukon Arts Centre may be able to offer some supplies and materials.


Name of Producing Organization or Artist:

Title of Project:

Project Description
Provide an overview of your project. Include any and all information required to fully describe your project proposal. Please indicate which day you would like your proposed open house and workshop to take place. Your description should articulate what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.

Bio or Condensed CV
Provide a brief Artist or Organizational biography. This biography should include professional achievements and your history of community-arts practice. Use only the space provided in this application for your bio/CV.

II. Detailed Contact Information

Name of Producing Organization or Artist:      
Primary Contact (if the applicant is an organization or group):      
Primary Contact Title (job titles only):      
Address 1:      
Address 2:      
City/Province:       Postal Code:
Primary Contact Telephone:     Primary Contact Cell phone:      
Primary Contact Email:      
If applicable, Name of Secondary Contact (Artist or Collaborator):      
Title of Secondary Contact (job titles only):      
Secondary Contact Telephone:      Secondary Contact Cell phone:      
Secondary Contact Email:     

III. Support Material
You can submit a maximum of three supporting documents, plus up to five images, audio or video files with this application form.
Supporting documents should only be used to submit information not found in the application form.
Examples of acceptable supporting documents include: site layouts, technical or design specifications and engineer or architectural drawings.

File Specifications:
- Supporting Documents must be in .PDF format
- Images must be in .JPEG format, at a maximum resolution of 300 dpi
- Video works must be in .MOV, .MPEG, .WMV or .AVI format
- Audio must be in .MP3 or .WAV format

IV. Method of Delivery
The ideal method of delivery is by email to Rebecca Manias at
When sending your email, use the subject line: Jenni House Artist In Residence Application – Your Artist/Organization Name.

Welcome to the Yukon Arts Centre’s New Intern!

Welcome to  the Yukon Arts Centre’s New Intern!

Here at YAC, we're super excited to welcome Acasea to the team!

Acasea is a Whitehorse local, but is currently spending her time studying at the University of Victoria. She's a psychology major with an interest in pursuing art therapy. After attending SOVA, and loving the Yukon Arts Centre for many years, the intern position seemed like a perfect fit!

She's looking forward to working on Culture Days (September 31 - October 2, 2016) and Klondike Karaoke, a partnership with the Yukon Filipino Community (August 4, 11, and 25).

We're hoping she'll rock some ABBA at the event - a "Super Trooper" if we've ever seen one!

Welcome to the team Acasea, we can't wait to see all the great work you'll do.

Cultural Industries Training Fund Accepting Applications

Cultural Industries Training Fund Accepting Applications

Cultural Industries Training Fund exists to provide training and career enhancement opportunities for individuals working in the cultural or creative industries in Yukon. The Fund is administered by the Yukon Arts Centre and applications are adjudicated by a Sector Review Committee, comprised of representatives from each cultural sector in Yukon. The guidelines and application forms can be found on-line at

Applications can be emailed to: or mailed to:
CITF c/o Yukon Arts Centre, Box 16,
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 5X9

Intake deadlInes are:
September 15 • January 15 • March 15 • May 15

The next intake deadline is September 15, 2016.