The ATCO Electric Yukon Youth Gallery has a new exhibition on display from November 4-26, titled La Caravane boréale des 10 mots. This work was organized by Marie-Hélène Comeau and l’AFY. Come check out the interesting photographs and art that was created for this show!

“It takes almost nothing―just ten words in French―to accomplish great things, have fun, think and create international bridges. In ten words, the Franco-Yukon community is now connected with the Dakar, Brussels or Madagascar communities.

But these ten words are not alone, they are conveyed through art, enabling the globe’s Francophone and Francophile speakers to tell their stories differently and meet and listen to each other both locally and in the pluricultural context of globalization.

This is what the international Caravane des dix mots project is all about. Launched in France almost 15 years ago, today the project is enjoying great success among the big family of the Francophonie. Every year, ten words of the French languages are selected, to be snapped up by artists around the world who use them to express themselves within their respective communities.

French-speaking Yukon has participated in the project since 2013. The photos presented at the ATCO gallery bear witness to the different art projects that have taken place with our youth in the last year. To the ten words from last year we add new ones this year, and these bring us to reflect on their more modern usage in new technology.

2015 - 2016 : chafouin, champagne, dépanneur, dracher, fada, lumerotte, poudrerie, ristrette, tap-tap et vigousse

2016 - 2017 : avatar, fureteur (euse), héberger, canular, pirate, nomade, nuage, émoticône, télésnober et favori (ite)’’.