This year, in association with Culture Days / Doors Open on September 26, we will be hosting an Etsy Made in Canada Market, a market for Etsy artists, makers & sellers.  Local artists will be demonstrating and selling their wares at the Old Fire Hall.  For more information, visit the Yukon Artists, Makers & Sellers Team Page    The intent of the Yukon Etsy Made In Canda Market will support our local creative community and contribute to our vibrant cultural sector. 

The deadline to participate in the Yukon Etsy Made in Canada Market has been extended to July 10.   Applications can be emailed to

Please note you do not have to be an active Etsy seller, but you must be a registered shop to participate for; full details please see the FAQ and application below. There are no fees to apply or participate.


Contact Name:

Email Address:

Name of your Company:

Where are you based?

Link to your Etsy shop (if you don’t have an Etsy shop, please contact us and we’ll help you get set up!):

How long have you been making / selling your product? (1-2 sentences max.)

Describe your product(s) to a potential buyer (2-5 sentences max.)

What inspires (or inspired) you to make your product? (2-5 sentences max.)

Anything else you want to share? (5 sentences max.)


When and where will the market be held?
The Yukon Etsy MIC will be at the Old Fire Hall on September 26 with public hours from 12 - 5.  There will be time to set up prior at 10am – 12pm. Time to take down the display from 5 - 6.

Why September 26 and what is Culture Days?
This year’s Yukon Etsy MIC is the first one held in Yukon, MIC markets were launched by Etsy last year and held in all provinces. Here in Yukon, it is held in association with Culture Days / Doors Open, a national celebration of arts, heritage and culture. Locally and across the country thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities will take place that invite members of the public to discover participate in and engage with the arts, heritage and cultural life of their communities. For more information on our local Culture Days / Doors Open activities, please see

Application Process & Selection
Applications are due June 21.  Once all applications are received, a jury will select vendors will to participate.  Please note we value all the time and effort everyone made to apply however; due to the limited capacity of the venue, we are only able to accept a small number of vendors. Selections will be based upon a completed application, if the vendors meet the criteria outlined in the application.

There are no fees to apply or participate.

What we can provide
We are able to provide the venue, The Old Fire Hall, one table (tables measure approximate 6ft by 2.5 ft) and one or two chairs per vendor and table cloths..  If you need additional set up materials, access to electricity etc, or have a larger display, please state your needs in the application.  We will also promote the MIC Market in association with our Culture Days / Doors Open promotion and encourage all participating vendors to promote the market.

What is expected of Etsy Vendors
Vendors are responsible for their own sales and expected to have a cash float or other sales system in place (for example Square). We ask that the vendors are able to sell their wares, demonstrate their process to the public, either by working on a piece, or having a work in progress and explaining their process to the public.  We hope that this educates and inspires and encourages sales for the vendors.  Vendors are expected to be set up and ready for sales by 12pm and attend the full 5 hours. 

Who is organizing & why?
Yukon Etsy Made In Canada is being organized by Jessica Vellenga. Jessica is an artist, Etsy seller and Outreach Coordinator for the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery.  This initiative is being taken on by herself and staff at the Yukon Arts Centre as additional programming to Culture Days / Doors Open events.  It is our hope that the Yukon MIC will support our local creative community and contribute to our vibrant cultural sector.