Yukon Brewing beers have become somewhat of an icon of the North. The Art Behind the Beer displays the package art with the box, can, and bottle label, as well as the original artwork by the artist.  Besides the beautifully balanced taste, the Yukon Brewery beers are famous for their very creative labels which were created by various Yukon artists. There’s nothing more Yukon than treating all the senses in one go. The exhibition at the Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery is hosting the original artworks that have given the beers the hard-to-miss appeal. Looking at the labels it’s hard to ignore the boundless creativity that Yukoners are celebrated for. Every label flawlessly illustrates the taste of each specific brew.

Image: Meghan Hildebrand, acrylic and oil on wood, 2010, courtesy of meghanhildebrand.com

Meghan Hildebrand, Deadman's Creek II, acrylic and oil on wood, 2010, image courtesy of meghanhildebrand.com.

The ghostly fox creatures that are featured on Deadman Creek Cranberry Wheat Ale was created by homegrown talent, Meghan Hildebrand. Fun fact for Shambhala fans; she’s been designing the posters, tickets and merchandise for the festival since 2001. Deadman’s Creek II is done in acrylic and oil on wood panel and when seen in person, the painting has a very scrumptious texture that seems almost as juicy as the ale. Hildebrand’s whimsical style is embellished in the pink winded clouds and sky, the ghostly creek and in the floating dancing fox. The overall painting is saturated in a deep cranberry colour with fun little owls poking around within the scene. Now based on British Columbia`s Sunshine Coast in Powell River, Hildebrand studied art at the Kootenay School of the Arts and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. If you find yourself in the area, see Meghan`s original works that are displayed at Mayberry Gallery in Winnipeg and Toronto, Masters Gallery in Calgary, and Madrona Gallery in Victoria. Hildbrand’s work is nothing short of magic, be sure to visit her website and prepare yourself to spend hours looking at her portfolio.

Emma Barr, Ice Fog, wax, acrylic, and oil on wood, 2008, image courtesy of Yukon Brewing.

You could get lost looking at Emma Barr’s Ice Fog. Made using wax, acrylic, and oil on wood, this cooly coloured piece could send shivers down the spine. For the original painting, Emma used high contrast colours dipping her toes in icy blue, hard hitting reds and some stings of yellow. Barr’s painting is such a beautiful way to capture the essence of Ice Fog India Pale Ale. Vibrancy is to be expected from Barr, and Ice Fog is nothing short of that. This abstract wax painting will easily capture your gaze and steal a few moments from you as you get lost within the mark making and the highly saturated colours.

If the Yukon Brewery Art Collection won’t get you thirsty, I don’t know what will. Stop by the Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery and see the whole collection of Yukon made art for Yukon made beer. The Art Behind the Beer is on until May 29th.