‘Grounded and growing’ (2013) Clay and oxides.

A multimedia exhibition with huge emotional resonance, ‘A show called Frances’ is a beautiful ode to a passed companion, and to all deep human-dog relationships.

Nicole Bauberger, talented local painter and sculptor, has created a richly textured series of oil paintings and sculptures based on the memory of her dog, Frances, now on display in the Community Gallery.

The inky black Frances appears in many shapes and sizes through the artwork, from clay and oxides figures, to painted portraits, to a tiny silhouette on a golden locket.  Bauberger is fond of painting black ravens, and she harnessed this skill to paint Frances.

The exhibition nods to the many deep relationships residents of the Yukon, and female Yukoners in particular, have with their pet dogs. Bauberger includes a book with the exhibition for visitors to sign, and share memories of their own pets, or memories of Frances.
‘A show called Frances’ will be on display in the Community Gallery from January 8th until January 31st, 2015.

‘Dean and Frances’ (2014) detail, oil on canvas.

To see more of Bauberger’s work, or to request a commissioned portrait, please visit her personal artist website at www.nicolebauberger.com