Zea Morvitz, Batman (Front and Back), 2013 


‘Working with the limited size, combined with the nostalgia for hand delivered mail with stamps, the postcards have become an interesting look at the lives, influences, thoughts and travels of the two artists’.
Artist Statement, 2011, ‘52 x 2’, the Yukon Arts Centre

Every Friday for 3 years, fellow artists Zea Morvitz and Joyce Majiski exchanged handmade postcards uniquely handwritten with personalized messages and local stamps and mailed from California or the Yukon to meet the other.

All of the cards were successfully delivered without damage, although Majiski admitted for What’s Up Yukon that some of the postcards were "pushing the postal envelope." 

The Alchemy of Collaboration’, a current exhibition at the Yukon Arts Centre by California-based artist Zea Morvitz includes a display of the past year of mail art from this exchange. The exhibition also explores artist Zea Morvitz’s interest in the ancient science of alchemy and the more modern exploration of alchemical psychology, studied by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, through these postcards and other drawings in the exhibition. Displayed on the front wall and wrapping around to the other side are the 104 postcards created and mailed in 2014. These postcards evoke the themes of alchemy, biology, mythology and sometimes get pretty hilarious (the batman postcard is my personal favourite).

Zea Morvitz, Magnetic Induction (Front and Back), 2013. 

In September 2012, the collaborative exhibition ‘52 x 2’ in the Community Gallery of the Yukon Arts Centre displayed a collection of the postcards made during the 2011 exchange. A total of 104 uniform 5 x 7 postcards were included in that exhibition. Those cards were quite eclectic, some with sculptural elements and others with small book works or embellishments.

Majiski received great feedback from visitors at the exhibition, and she believes in a return to ‘slow mail’ communications. Her idea was inspired by an exhibition of the German Expressionist mail art in Berlin back in 1990. Collaboration is also a large element of Majiski’s exhibition ‘North of Myth’, which includes books of poetry, a multimedia installation, prints, 3D works and a guestbook for visitors to write about ‘What North means to them’. 

Zea Morvitz, Later Transformation (Front and Back), 2013 


The artists set up a visual blog to record the ongoing postcard exchanges, which you can check out at this link:  http://52x2postcards.tumblr.com/

‘The Alchemy of Collaboration: Zea Morvitz’ and ‘North of Myth: Joyce Majiski’ will be exhibited at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery until February 21, 2015. All are welcome.

To learn more about artist Zea Morvitz, visit her website here.

To learn more about artist Joyce Majiski, visit her website here.