Karen Power performing in the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery


Wednesday, January 7th, 2015, four sound artists gathered at the Old Fire Hall for an improvisational jam session, exploring the soundscape of the Arctic Circle.  A soundscape, the territory of Irish composer Karen Power, is the definition of a new sound-world created using the re-used materials from everyday sounds.

Power, who collaborated with artist Joyce Majiski to create the mixed-media installation ‘Inside the Glacier’ (2014), travelled from Ireland with funding provided by Culture Ireland to perform in improvisational music sessions with local sound artists, host an Art Talk on the current gallery exhibition ‘North of Myth’ and gather sound samples of the Yukon for future compositions.

Listen to Power chatting about her experimental music with CBC radio host Dave White by clicking below:

Power created a distinct soundscape for the Arctic Circle while participating in the Arctic Circle Residency Program with fellow artist Joyce Majiski. Her soundscape, based on her recordings from Svalbard, Norway, is used in the multimedia piece ‘Inside the Glacier’ (2014), currently exhibited as part of the North of Myth exhibition in the Public Gallery.

The installation ‘Inside the Glacier’ took many days and multiple assistants to install in the Public Art Gallery. Check out this time-lapsed video of the install, a stunning transformation of space and materials into an ethereal art installation. 



‘Inside the Glacier’ is an entry for the gallery visitor into the landscape and soundscape of the Arctic Circle. Majiski and Morvitz communicate their memories of the Arctic Circle through artistic means, and re-create the mythic land of the far north through drawing, photography and sound.
Power has performed solo and with other improvisers, using sound samples to create new ‘sound-worlds’. This video, captured in the studio of Jordy Walker and produced by artist Joyce Majiski, is a recording of one of Power’s latest improvisational sessions.

Karen Power, John Godfrey, Jordy Walker, Daniel Janke - first meeting from Jordy Walker on Vimeo.


You can listen to three recordings from Power’s latest improvisation, performed during the jam session hosted by YAC and co-presented by Jazz Yukon featuring John Godfrey, Daniel Janke and Jordy Walker by clicking the link below.

In 2014, Power released a CD by Farpoint Recordings entitled ‘it is raining while you listen’ based on her recordings of Arctic soundscapes. To check out more of Power’s work and her recordings, visit her artist website at http://www.karenpower.ie/Home.html

North of Myth, featuring the artwork of Joyce Majiski and soundscape of Karen Power, is exhibited in the Public Gallery of the Yukon Arts Centre until February 21, 2015.