Light and Shadow Series #4, 2013, 60in x 85in

This atmospheric abstracted landscape painting by Don Weir has recently been acquired by the Yukon Arts Centre Permanent Collection to the delight of all staff in the gallery.

This new addition to the permanent collection was produced for Weir’s 2013 solo show at the Yukon Arts Centre, An Ephemeral Light Light and Shadow Series #4 is the fourth work in a series of seven monumental painted abstracts.
Gallery Director and Curator Mary Bradshaw chose this painting for acquisition because of its quality in ‘masterfully meshing his signature elements: northern landscapes, love of abstraction and capturing light. While at first it appears to be a blue and white abstract when examined closely one can see brilliant pinks, purples, indigo thinly glazed to create this atmospheric piece.’

Weir has participated in multiple group and solo exhibitions at the Yukon Arts Centre and across Alaska and British Columbia, marking him as an established Northern painter. The acquisition of Light and Shadow Series #4 is timely, as it follows a solo exhibition of Weir’s work in the Studio Theatre of the YAC in September 2014 and the artist’s decision to relocate his practice to southern British Columbia in October after 30 years spent in Atlin.

Although fairly small, the Yukon Arts Centre Permanent Collection is a rich holding of Yukon artworks. The collection has been developed for over twenty years. One of the collecting themes is the environment of the Yukon, which Weir’s oeuvre aptly addresses through his interpretation of the landforms of the areas in which he lives and works.

Installation of Light and Shadow Series #4 by gallery staff

Light and Shadow Series #4 has been recently installed in the lobby of the Yukon Arts Centre and will stand as a centerpiece for the season.

The Yukon Arts Centre gratefully thanks all visitors who have generously donated throughout the years. The purchase of this monumental painting for the Permanent Collection was made possible through the power of visitor donations at the gallery. Whether our visitors leave small change or a $20 bill, everything is counted and makes a valuable contribution towards the expansion of the Yukon Arts Centre Permanent Collection.

Installation almost complete! 

We are incredibly honoured to have this piece by Don Weir in our collection and will miss his impromptu visits to the gallery.