Demo Days feature’s free artist demonstrations and talks . Come by to meet local artists, discuss their work, and try your own hand at creating craftwork with Yukon Arts Centre staff. Demo Days celebrates the Found, Forged & Fused exhibition, A survey of handmade works from the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. Exhibition runs from June 4 to August 29, 2015

During the summer months, July and August, something is brewing at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery. Wednesday’s are artist demonstrations and talks, as well as talk and try with Yukon Arts Centre staff. The artists doing demos are featured in the galleries summer show, Found, Forged, and Fused. Meet artists Lena White, Helen O’Connor, Brian Walker, and Ann Smith for Wednesday demonstration days. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to discuss artist’s works and watch the creation in progress. 

Drawing from First Nation & Inuit art, artist Lena White already paid us a visit on July 8th. Lena created a very inviting atmosphere with her display of beads, hides, baby slippers, and smiling dolls. It was very soothing to sit in the gallery full of Yukon made art, talking to Lena as she masterfully sews a pair of baby slippers. Lena’s dolls and animal scene, Juk Juk, is featured in Found, Forged, and Fused. The dolls depict a mother and a daughter scene out for a dog sled ride. Seeing the bucket of beads on Lena’s work table, you can expect nothing less than her work to be beautifully decorated with precision and care.

Lena White making baby slippers. 

Visiting next at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Gallery is Helen O’Connor on July 22nd.In the Found, Forged, and Fused exhibition, Helen has a handmade book titled Red Book of Annaghmakerrig. Known for her works with paper, Helen created the Red Book of Annaghmakerrig with hand tool leather, handmade paper (with flax, hemp, and nettle), encaustic, inks, laser print, and gouache. Helen talks about paper with a passion and you can see that reflect in her work. Each page has been carefully made. Some pages have poems, others have leafs, and images. Visit and discuss Helen O’Connor’s work on July 22nd, 2015 at 3:30pm to 6:30pm.

On August 19th, expect to see Brain Walker and Ann Smith’s smiling faces during their turn at the artist demo days. Ann’s name is synonymous with the weaving of Raven’s Tail regalia, robes, aprons, and bags. Ann refers to herself as a contemporary weaver whose work is based on traditional knowledge. Brian Walker creates copper masks, bowls, and ceremonial pieces. Brian began using copper as an art material because of its ancient connections to Yukon history.  Visit Brian and Ann during their artist demonstrations.

Try it for yourself!  The Yukon Arts Centre staff are hosting a Talk and Try, so you can learn some craft skills and create some projects. Today, July 15th, the Yukon Arts Centre Staff will be demonstrating how to do weaving at 1:30.

Yukon Arts Centre Staff getting ready for the weaving demonstration.

Talk & Try with YAC Staff 1:30 – 2:30pm
July 15 – Weaving
July 29 – Beading
August 5 – Dolls
August 12 – Bookbinding

Artist Demonstrations & Talks 3:30 – 6:30pm
July 8 – Lena White
July 22 – Helen O’Connor
August 19 – Brian Walker & Ann Smith
Demo Days celebrates the Found, Forged & Fused exhibition, a survey of handmade works from the Yukon Permanent Art Collection.
Exhibition runs from June 4 to August 29, 2015

Monday to Friday: 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 12 pm to 5 pm
Closed Sunday
Open for theatre performances.

Cover Image: Maureen Morris. Winged Owl, Moose antler, deer antler base, 2014. Photo courtesy of Government of Yukon.