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Youth Art exhibition led by Maya Rosenberg

Youth Art exhibition led by Maya Rosenberg

Painting Music at Arts in the Park

Have you ever seen music?

Music can inspire, calm, and energize us, and so do colors. Just like music, colors have an impact on us, and can make our hearts beat slower or faster, be happier, more energetic or calm.

For this project, youth from the Yukon created a series of acrylic paintings to show the music we hear, its colors and impact on us, as it was played live at Arts in the Park. When we heard classical music, we painted with the cold side of the color wheel in blue and green, played with light in white, and visualized how calm music feels. When we heard upbeat Jazz, we painted with warm colors and a red, yellow and orange sea of colors. Each child added their colors, ideas, and unique imprints, to collaborate and create a cohesive piece of all of us together. This project shows how we can enjoy creating our art and communities together through colors and music. The project was lead and facilitated by Maya Rosenberg at Arts in the Park on June 11-15, 2018.



Maya Rosenberg's Students’ First Art Show

We're so excited to share our art with you!

This show presents a selection of artwork created by students of Maya Rosenberg's art classes. From color theory, acrylic painting techniques, experimenting with mixing colors, prints, negative space, and much more, this exhibition demonstrates the learning and creations of our art classes. Creating ideas, art, and learning a new skill could not have been more colorful and fun! In this exhibition the students have shared their favorite parts of art classes, as well as what they have learned, including using different mediums and techniques, such as stamping, charcoal, pain ting on canvas, drawing, and sketching. They love painting and creating stories in our art, and if you're lucky you might even find the hidden story, ghost and animals hiding in the forest. We hope you enjoy the show and get inspired to create some art as well.

Exhibiting students:
Aaron Schenk, Whitehorse, 11 years old.
Selene Birrel, Whitehorse, 10 year old.
Mackenzie Jenner, Whitehorse, 11 years old.

About Maya:
Maya was born and raised in Israel, and has traveled to the United States, Canada and Europe. She moved to Whitehorse in August 2014 and is currently a board director at the Yukon Art Society, a teacher of one on one and group art classes and workshops across the Yukon Territory, and exhibiting artist in galleries in Winnipeg and Whitehorse. Maya's art is inspired by nature and wilderness, and its rejuvenating, dynamic and vivid colors. Her work reflects on the connections of art and nature through colors, and the impact it has to empower us and our communities through creativity.


‘Continuing Care: Artistic Expressions’ exhibition in the Community Gallery

‘Continuing Care: Artistic Expressions’ exhibition in the Community Gallery

This exhibit is a meaningful way for residents in our care homes to engage with the broader community by sharing their skills and stories. Creating art is a wonderful form of therapy that engages residents, helps them connect with their past and each other, and lets them explore new forms of self-expression.