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Free Demo Days at the Yukon Arts Centre for the Found, Forged & Fused Exhibition

Free Demo Days at the Yukon Arts Centre for the Found, Forged & Fused Exhibition

Free, all are welcome to join us for Demo Days, Artist demonstrations and talks on Wednesdays during July and August at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery. Take time to meet local artists, discuss their works and try your hand at creating a craft based artwork. 
Artist Demonstrations & Talks 3:30 – 6:30pm
July 8 – Lena White
July 22 – Helen O’Connor
August 19 – Brian Walker & Ann Smith

Talk & Try with YAC Staff 1:30 – 2:30pm
July 15 – Weaving
July 29 – Beading
August 5 – Dolls
August 12 – Bookbinding

Demo Days celebrates the Found, Forged & Fused exhibition, a survey of handmade works from the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. 
Exhibition runs from June 4 to August 29, 2015
Monday to Friday: 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 12 pm to 5 pm
Closed Sunday
Open for theatre performances.

Call for Yukon Artists, Makers & Sellers: Yukon Etsy Made in Canada Market

Call for Yukon Artists, Makers & Sellers: Yukon Etsy Made in Canada Market

This year, in association with Culture Days / Doors Open on September 26, we will be hosting an Etsy Made in Canada Market, a market for Etsy artists, makers & sellers.  Local artists will be demonstrating and selling their wares at the Old Fire Hall.  For more information, visit the Yukon Artists, Makers & Sellers Team Page    The intent of the Yukon Etsy Made In Canda Market will support our local creative community and contribute to our vibrant cultural sector. 

The deadline to participate in the Yukon Etsy Made in Canada Market has been extended to July 10.   Applications can be emailed to

Please note you do not have to be an active Etsy seller, but you must be a registered shop to participate for; full details please see the FAQ and application below. There are no fees to apply or participate.


Contact Name:

Email Address:

Name of your Company:

Where are you based?

Link to your Etsy shop (if you don’t have an Etsy shop, please contact us and we’ll help you get set up!):

How long have you been making / selling your product? (1-2 sentences max.)

Describe your product(s) to a potential buyer (2-5 sentences max.)

What inspires (or inspired) you to make your product? (2-5 sentences max.)

Anything else you want to share? (5 sentences max.)


When and where will the market be held?
The Yukon Etsy MIC will be at the Old Fire Hall on September 26 with public hours from 12 - 5.  There will be time to set up prior at 10am – 12pm. Time to take down the display from 5 - 6.

Why September 26 and what is Culture Days?
This year’s Yukon Etsy MIC is the first one held in Yukon, MIC markets were launched by Etsy last year and held in all provinces. Here in Yukon, it is held in association with Culture Days / Doors Open, a national celebration of arts, heritage and culture. Locally and across the country thousands of free, hands-on, interactive activities will take place that invite members of the public to discover participate in and engage with the arts, heritage and cultural life of their communities. For more information on our local Culture Days / Doors Open activities, please see

Application Process & Selection
Applications are due June 21.  Once all applications are received, a jury will select vendors will to participate.  Please note we value all the time and effort everyone made to apply however; due to the limited capacity of the venue, we are only able to accept a small number of vendors. Selections will be based upon a completed application, if the vendors meet the criteria outlined in the application.

There are no fees to apply or participate.

What we can provide
We are able to provide the venue, The Old Fire Hall, one table (tables measure approximate 6ft by 2.5 ft) and one or two chairs per vendor and table cloths..  If you need additional set up materials, access to electricity etc, or have a larger display, please state your needs in the application.  We will also promote the MIC Market in association with our Culture Days / Doors Open promotion and encourage all participating vendors to promote the market.

What is expected of Etsy Vendors
Vendors are responsible for their own sales and expected to have a cash float or other sales system in place (for example Square). We ask that the vendors are able to sell their wares, demonstrate their process to the public, either by working on a piece, or having a work in progress and explaining their process to the public.  We hope that this educates and inspires and encourages sales for the vendors.  Vendors are expected to be set up and ready for sales by 12pm and attend the full 5 hours. 

Who is organizing & why?
Yukon Etsy Made In Canada is being organized by Jessica Vellenga. Jessica is an artist, Etsy seller and Outreach Coordinator for the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery.  This initiative is being taken on by herself and staff at the Yukon Arts Centre as additional programming to Culture Days / Doors Open events.  It is our hope that the Yukon MIC will support our local creative community and contribute to our vibrant cultural sector.

Call for Craft based Artist In Residence - Jenni House, Shipyards Park

Call for Craft based Artist In Residence - Jenni  House, Shipyards Park

The Yukon Arts Centre, in partnership with the Yukon Film Society are pleased to present a call for artists in residence, with a focus on craft based works at Jenni House, in Shipyards Park from August 1 – 31, 2015

The Jenni House Residency aims to support artists in the creation of their craft  based works for a one month term by providing free studio space at the Jenni House in Shipyard’s Park, Whitehorse, YT.  The August residency focuses on Craft, as a part of the Craft Year 2015 initiative.  Craft Year 2015 is a year-long, nation-wide festival aimed at promoting craft as a key player in Canadian Culture.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 20, 2015 at 11:59pm.


The Jenni House is available for a craft based residency for the month of August 1 – 31, 2015


Artists in residence are encouraged to present two activities to engage the public, one open house or talk to discuss their work and one workshop. This event is to be mutually coordinated and agreed upon between YAC, YFS, and the sponsored artist.  If required YAC may be able to offer some supplies they have in stock, but all other supplies are responsibility of the artist.


YFS will be responsible for managing the ‘’Jenni House Artist Agreement’’ with the artist in advance of the residency and providing the artist with an access key and facility instructions.  Please see the artist agreement for full details.


There are no fees to apply to the residency. YAC can offer a $500 honorarium for the residency. The Artist is responsible for all materials related to their project while in residence. Subject to availablility the Yukon Arts Centre may be able to offer some supplies and materials.

Artist In Residence Application

Name of Producing Organization or Artist:

Title of Project:

Project Description
Provide an overview of your project. Include any and all information required to fully describe your project proposal. Please indicate which day you would like your proposed open house and workshop to take place. Your description should articulate what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.



Bio or Condensed CV
Provide a brief Artist or Organizational biography. This biography should include professional achievements and your history of community-arts practice. Use only the space provided in this application for your bio/CV.




II. Detailed Contact Information

Name of Producing Organization or Artist:      

Primary Contact (if the applicant is an organization or group):      
Primary Contact Title (job titles only):      
Address 1:      
Address 2:      
City/Province:       Postal Code:
Primary Contact Telephone:     Primary Contact Cell phone:      
Primary Contact Email:      
If applicable, Name of Secondary Contact (Artist or Collaborator):      
Title of Secondary Contact (job titles only):      
Secondary Contact Telephone:      Secondary Contact Cell phone:      
Secondary Contact Email:     

III. Support Material

You can submit a maximum of three supporting documents, plus up to five images, audio or video files with this application form.

Supporting documents should only be used to submit information not found in the application form.

Examples of acceptable supporting documents include: site layouts, technical or design specifications and engineer or architectural drawings.

File Specifications:
- Supporting Documents must be in .PDF format
- Images must be in .JPEG format, at a maximum resolution of 300 dpi
- Video works must be in .MOV, .MPEG, .WMV or .AVI format
- Audio must be in .MP3 or .WAV format

IV. Method of Delivery

The ideal method of delivery is by email to Jessica Vellenga at

When sending your email, use the subject line: Jenni House Artist In Residence Application – Your Artist/Organization Name.


Artwork Wednesday: Found, Forged and Fused

Artwork Wednesday: Found, Forged and Fused

Found, Forged, and Fused is an intimate exhibition of selected works from the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. In celebration of Craft year, the exhibit is dedicated to works from the collection which focus on materials that were found, such as natural fibre, scrap metal and cultural relics. The found material takes on a new life by having artists forge the material and story by sewing, carving, and mark making. All of these aspects fused together to wonderful creations which are given a unique second life and display a colourful history of Yukon crafters throughout the years.

Image: Government of Yukon

The gallery atmosphere is enriched in the sweet smell of tanned hide which is reminiscent of grandma's house, with tables full of glass beads, and fresh bread in the oven. Immediately you are greeted by Veronica Verkley’s Landscape with Horse introducing Found, Forged, and Fused. The walls beam with words that bring you to a distinctive Yukon craft place. Within the exhibition there is no shortage of intricate bead work, exceptional sculptures made out of metal scraps, and interesting works both functional and non-functional. Walking around the exhibit you are welcomed with the smiles and warm faces from the handmade dolls of four different artists.

Image: Veronica Verkley, Landscape with Horse, found metal, plastic, wire, wood, leather, and stone, 2006. Governmet of Yukon

Annie Smith is a local craft legend. “We’d have these big motor homes driving through the village with people from France and Germany asking where Annie Smith lives”. Dianne Smith recalls of her mother’s fame status that had motivated European tourists to wander around Kwanlin Dun Village looking for her. Annie Smith’s Traditional Doll-Boy is included in the exhibition. He is standing tall with a beaded mouth and fringed clothing. The detail on the dolls mukluks does not stand short of Smith’s renowned intricacy, displaying blue glass beaded patterns.

One of the collection’s newest additions is Lena White’s Juk Juk. Lena White is originally from Quebec; she grew up in Ontario and Northern British Columbia and eventually found her way to Yukon where she learned traditional craft skills from none other than her mother in law, Annie Smith. White’s sweet dolls depict a mother and her daughter out for a dog sled ride. The group is full of small details. The mother and daughter are wearing floral printed parkas, beaded and fringed mittens, and complexly adorned mukluks. Even the sled dogs are wearing beautifully decorated harnesses with moving patterns, tassels, and small bells. The girl in her sled looks very comfy and is showing off her little puppy with a very sweet smile.

Image: Sean Smith and his daughter, Azaria, Mrs. Annie Smith, Judy Gingell, Lena White with Juk Juk. Govenrment of Yukon.

Another doll family created by Inuit artist, Jimmy Jacobson, sits wide eyed and smiling. Jacobson, who spent part of his childhood on Herschel Island in Northern Yukon, created Hunter/Father, Mother, Boy, Girl in 1973, using whalebone, antler, soapstone and fur. The whalebone provides the initial shape of the dolls bodies and creates movement within the bodies of the family. This family is intriguing with very happy faces carved from soapstone and fur decorations for clothing. 

Dolores Scheffen created the happiest doll in the gallery. Scheffen started sewing at a young age. To give you an idea at how young she started, Dolores started selling her work to tourists when she was only eight. Han Singing Doll is wearing a white leather dress ornate in pink beaded flowers and she looks like she’s having a great time dancing and singing. In her hand she’s holding pink fabric to wave and celebrate. There is so much detail in the bead work, and embroidery. Han Singing Doll is wearing a matching decorated bag, a beaded head band, adorable earrings, and a decorative sash, even her beaded boots are ornamented with fur. There’s no doubt that Scheffen has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to designing traditional Han dresses, she was taught traditional crafts by her mother Fanny DuPont, and her grandmother Annie Henry (you can also see Annie and husband Joe Henry’s bronze smiling faces by Harreson Tanner in Found, Forged, and Fused).

There is so much more to explore at Found, Forged, and Fused. Be sure not to miss this captivating exhibition of Northern crafted talent. Found, Forged and Fused is showing alongside Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15 at the Yukon Arts Centre until Saturday August 29th.

Join us for Demo Days with the artists and YAC staff!

Artist Demonstrations & Talks 3:30 – 6:30pm
July 8 – Lena White
July 22 – Helen O’Connor
August 19 – Brian Walker & Ann Smith

Talk & Try with YAC Staff 1:30 – 2:30pm
July 15 – Weaving
July 29 – Beading
August 5 – Dolls
August 12 – Bookbinding


Monday to Friday: 10 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 12 pm to 5 pm
Closed Sunday
Open for theatre performances.


Cover Image: Lena White, Juk Juk, wood, sinew, hardware, cotton, stroud, beads, emboirdery thread, sealskin, muskrat, blue fox, and arctic fox furs, home tanned moose hide, thread, stuffing, minature bells and yarn, 2015. Government of Yukon. 

Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency: Artist Bios and Upcoming Talks

Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency: Artist Bios and Upcoming Talks

Three selected artists, Heather Callaghan, Kevin Curry, and Michelle Latimer are set to hike and represent the Chilkoot trail for the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency. During their residency the artists will create art during and after the hike, and lead talks in surrounding communities and on the trail to inspire Canadians and Americans to appreciate the legacy of the Chilkoot Trail.


Hiking Chilkoot Trail July 1 – 14, 2015

Kevin Curry is from Tallahassee, Florida and is currently an Assistant Teaching Professor at Florida State University, where he teaches Digital Foundations, Sculpture and Public Art & Architectural Art courses. Kevin received his BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, and his MFA in Sculpture from Southern Illinois University. Kevin has been an Artist-in-Residence in Houston, Texas, Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado. and at Grand Canyon National Park. Besides numerous private collections and exhibitions, Kevin also completed a public art commission for the City of Denver titled “Face the sun” and recently exhibited a floating sculptural work at the Mourdes Collection in West Palm Beach.

Visit Kevin Curry’s website at

Kevin will present a talk at The Old Fire Hall Wednesday, July 15th at 5:30pm.


Representing Chilkoot Trail in Skagway July 8 – 15, 2015
Canadian side of Chilkoot Trail (Lindeman, Bave Loon, and Bennett) July 17 – 23, 2015

Heather Bell Callaghan is a local girl who loves the outdoors and was born and raised in the Southern Yukon. Her first art mentor was her Grandma, Tlingit Artist Eliza Bosely (nee Fox), who lovingly shared with her various technical skills that she thought were both useful and beautiful. Heather is from the Eagle-Killerwhale Clan and has spent the last 10 years traveling, studying art, playing outside, taking dance classes, and learning as she goes. Her time as a park ranger on the Chilkoot Trail and growing up on the Haines Road allowed her much time in the mountains where she cultivated a deep love of our rugged home.

Heather will be talking at the Fireweed Market on Thursday, July 30, as well as presenting a talk at The Old Firehall on Friday July 31 at 5:30pm.


Hiking the Chilkoot Tail July 29 – August 11, 2015

From Hamilton, Ontario, Michelle Latimer is a filmmaker, producer, actor and curator.  Her award-winning documentary, ALIAS, premiered at the 2013 Hot Docs Film Festival before screening internationally. Prior to that, her short film Choke premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, received a Special Jury Honorable Mention in International Short Filmmaking, was named by Toronto Film Festival among Canada’s Top Ten of 2012 and nominated for a Genie Award. Michelle is currently starring in the critically acclaimed television series Blackstone, and appears as an industry judge on CBC’s, Short Film Face Off. In 2013, she was named among Playback Magazine’s 10 To Watch.

Michelle will present a talk at The Old Fire Hall on Friday, August 14 at 12pm until 1pm.


The Chilkoot Artist Residency was developed to help connect people with the Chilkoot Trail, a co-managed United States and Canadian Historic site, through art. During their hikes, artists have the opportunity to pursue their own work in a sublime atmosphere amidst the cultural and natural splendors that The Chilkoot Trail has to offer.

For the Yukon Arts Centre, the residencies are a way of fostering Yukon’s creative and cultural economy by developing programming ties with tourism, extending its programs to remote areas of our territory. The residency program brings new boarder audiences into contact with contemporary artists and it also provides a stimulating working experience for the artist. The Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency encourages art making that explores and even challenges ideas and issues in creativity and medium exploration.