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Winterval Yarn Bombing

Winterval Yarn Bombing

If you were one of the many people last weekend who braved the cold to come out to the Winterval Parade, you may have spotted an especially cozy float in amongst the colourful costumed characters. Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery staff teamed up with Yarn Bomb Yukon to yarn bomb a truck for the annual parade along Whitehorse's Main Street. Due to the especially chilly conditions, the team used a variety of creative tools including zip ties and rare earth magnets in lieu of hand stitching to attach the patchwork of hand-knitted blankets. However, the truck isn't the only one keeping warm. Yarn Bomb Yukon have been working diligently to sort through the blankets and  donate them to the Outreach Van, which will give locals in need blankets to keep warm in this winter. 

Check out a few photos from the installation below, and read more about the day on Yarn Bomb Yukon's blog!



Community Gallery Exhibition: Kelly Fraser

Community Gallery Exhibition: Kelly Fraser

This month in the Community Gallery, we are pleased to feature the large scale landscape photographs of local photographer, Kelly Fraser.  Cover photo by Kelly Fraser.

To see more of his work, please check out his website


Kelly Fraser is a former Graphic Designer and Art Director, who moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to Whitehorse, in the spring of 2006.  He had family already living in the territory and they had described to him the stillness, diversity, and beauty that flourished in the area.

He arrived with expectations of new life opportunities and was not disappointed. He’s travelled throughout the Yukon, northern British Columbia, and Alaska and uses trekking, snowshoeing, back country skiing, and kayaking as his principal forms of travel into this incredible landscape.

He continues to explore and is constantly amazed by the contrast of the seasons, the characteristics that unfold when mountains and clouds create performances of light, and the uncommon silence of a calm winter day.

In his images and artwork, he hopes to capture the beauty and absolute stillness that is experienced when surrounded by this incredible demonstration of nature’s presence and solitude.

After the Flood, We’re FINE and OPEN!

After the Flood, We’re FINE and OPEN!

Yes, as you may know there was an alarm, an evacuation, and some flooding at the Yukon Arts Centre Friday night!

Here's what happened. A heating coil broke in the electrical room next to an air intake valve. Without the coil to warm the air, the valve took in -30 cold Winter air and froze a sprinkler in the electrical room.

In a miracle worthy of the first few chapters of Acts, the water didn't burst and spray the transformers, but kindly leaked all over the floor, flooding the lobby and electrical room, a little on the stage and in the gallery.

Because we have FAST people on staff, and fast patrons, we were able to evacuate in 5 min!! (we need to have races to see if we can beat that time! *). Patrons rushed out without coats to the gym next door and their coats were brought forthwith. The choir, also evacuated to the gym, decided to give second part of concert there! I bet the acoustics were AWESOME!!

Because we have hearty battleship linoleum, we were able to suck up the water without damage to the gallery (or the art) or lobby or stage. We now have a bunch of new fans to make sure the underside of the movable walls are dry.  Yukon Arts Centre thanks the patrons and staff and volunteers for all their assistance!

All shows WILL go on. We are FULLY open for business, ticket sales, chatting in the lobby, full performances.  There might be a slight dampness in the lobby carpets, but that's not a show-stopper.

We try to leave the show-stoppers to the concerts!!


Hey, with all the new fans in the gallery---maybe you might consider becoming a new FAN of our Gallery!  Try our Gallery Memberships.  Call 667-8485 for more details.