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Jay White, Chilkoot Trail Artist in Residence coming to OFH

Jay White, Chilkoot Trail Artist in Residence coming to OFH

This is going to be great!  Animator, Jay White, went over the Chilkoot Trail as part of the Chilkoot Trail Artist-in-Residence!  He just got back!!
Check out his Talk about his experience, and some AWESOME art, at the Old Fire Hall, 5pm, THURS, Aug 16.  Should be a great time!

Jay White likes to bring his imagination
to life through oil and watercolour paintings, animated
short films, and through interdisciplinary collaboration
with other artists.

His current animated short film, The Perfect Detonator,
premiered at the St. Louis International Film Festival, and
is now showing in festivals across the world.

THE CHILKOOT TRAIL ARTIST-in-RESIDENCE is a collaborative creation from Parks Canada, the US National Park Service, the Skagway Arts Council, and the Yukon Arts Centre!

Two countries,
two arts groups,
two park services,
two artists

---one big, long, exhausting, beautiful trail between them!

Yukon Arts Centre offers a MYSTERY PASS for Art Lovers!

Yukon Arts Centre offers a MYSTERY PASS for Art Lovers!

All the Art Lover’s shows--SIX shows-- for $99, only you don’t know which shows they are! 

August 22, we will reveal the whole fantastic 20th Anniversary Yukon Arts Centre Season in a blowout BBQ and presentation—and release WHICH shows will be a part of the Art Lover’s Series.

We will then set the Pass at $126.

BUT-- Till the 20th of August—it’s a Mystery that you can get for $99. 
Here’s how to get your Art Lover’s Mystery Pass. 

  1. Come in person to the Yukon Arts Centre to purchase.  The Mystery is only happening up here!
  2. Choose the seat that you want for all six shows
  3. Pay $99 for your pass
  4. Find out on Aug 22 what you’ve got! 

The Yukon Arts Centre’s 20th Anniversary Season promises to be its greatest yet!  The Art Lover’s Pass includes the most intriguing theatre, dance, and music offerings, and this year is no exception.  We think you’ll be pleased if you follow our MYSTERY to its conclusion.

All will be revealed soon! Get your Mystery Pass now BY August 20, here at the YAC Box Office only! 

Take part in the MYSTERY!

DC-3 Yarn Bomb Sewing Bee

DC-3 Yarn Bomb Sewing Bee

The Yarn Bomb Yukon Collective and a wonederful crew of local volunteers have been busy sewing together the yarn bomb for the DC-3.  You're invited to help sew a little or a lot or just stop by to see how the project is going. 

To learn more about the project, please check out Yarn Bomb Yukon's blog, twitter and facebook for all the updates.