Here in the Yukon Territory, we're so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible artists. Playwrights, actors, musicians, painters, the list goes on. And in order to keep enjoying the fruits of our artist's labours, we need to support our artists.

Earlier this year, the Yukon Arts Centre launched an all-new performing arts residency that gives local artists access to rehearsal spaces, and technical knowledge to grow their craft. As we open up applications for a new round of artists in residence, we want to share with you the locals we've been so fortunate to work with.


Gwaandak Theatre - The Unplugging

Based on the oral story "Two Old Women" by Athabascan novelist Velma Wallis, The Unplugging explores the role of women and traditional knowledge in contemporary society. Gwaandak Theatre used their residency to reherse the work to be ready for the stage. Gwaandak debuted the work at the Old Fire Hall on May 2, 2018, before heading across the Yukon to present the show in various Dawson City, Mayo, Haines Junction, and even Old Crow.


Nakai Theatre - When We Dance We Dance Together

 What do you get when you combine music + theatre + puppets + one of the Yukon favourite music and arts festivals? The answer is: When We Dance, We Dance Together.  Based on the music by Rock Plaza Central, this show tells the story of a future Canada, where a pack of robot “horses” search for work, dignity and respect. A musical about freelancers, company work and a handsome new Governor.
Nakai Theatre used their @YAC residency to reherse the show before debuting it at Atlin Arts and Music Festival in July, 2018.


Borealis Soul - Blue Hour


Borealis Soul’s mission is to challenge the public notion of contemporary performance art by using live hip hop music and dance, in conjunction with film and projection, as a means of storytelling. Drawing inspiration from their unique experiences growing up in the Yukon, they strive to create multidisciplinary productions with a northern twist. Their 2018 work Blue Hour was accepted as part of the @YAC residency in order to workshop and reherse their new choreography. They presented Blue Hour live on the Yukon Arts Centre Mainstage on July 15, 2018.


Problematic Orchestra - Palace Grand: Opening Concert 


Open Pit - Busted Up: A Yukon Story

Set right here in the Yukon, a plethora of real-life characters whose opinions and stories are as varied as their age and ethnic backgrounds reveal themselves: how they ended up in the territory, why they stayed, their beliefs, their roots and their fears. Throughout the play, the juxtaposed voices of these people gather and evolve around the relationships between indigenous people and settlers, natural resource extractions, the growing immigrant population and the fast paced changes Canada's north is experiencing. The result is a powerful play full of humor, violence, absurdity, and tenderness.
- Open Pit Theatre


Gwaandak Theatre - Bystander


Late one night, during wartime in an unnamed land, an officer carrying a secret message asks to stay the night at a citizen’s house. The unlikely pair find connection over a drinking game, until the message’s content is revealed, forcing each to face what they have done – and are willing to do – to survive.
- Gwaandak Theatre


Ramshackle Theatre - Tombstone: A Cardboard Western

After premering their original work on the Yukon Arts Centre Mainstage in the spring of 2016, Ramshackle Theatre looked to taking Tombstone: A Cardboard Western on tour through southern Canada. Taking this massive production with delicate moving parts, and getting it ready to travel and perform on smaller stages was no easy feat. Through the @YAC residency, Tombstone: A Cardboard Western re-worked their sets and show in both the Yukon Arts Centre Studio Theatre, and the Old Fire Hall. They premiere their tour-ready work on October 26, 2018.